Toronto Podcamp Background, SMPTE/TOFCPUG Meeting Videos and Toronto FC

Podcamp Toronto

I mentioned in my previous post about the Toronto Podcamp in February 2007. I got involved with the event after being contacted by Jay Moonah asking if Ryerson’s Rogers Communications Centre (the place where I work) would be interested in hosting the event. Just in case anyone is interested a few of us involved in the event webcast just about every session and archived the event. Those video’s and other items added by the community can be found at

New Web Videos

Speaking of web based video’s I spent the Victoria Day Long weekend sorting out the web distribution of a number of video’s that were recorded for the Toronto Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group.

Toronto Section of the SMPTE Meeting Videos

The SMPTE videos can be accessed via either of the following links or and are of interest to film production, television operations and technical personnel. For technology historians the SMPTE Toronto Library goes back as far as 1988 and I thought the April 2007 meeting on HD Lenses was really interesting and includes a great presentation on how lenses work and the differences between television and film lenses.

Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group Videos

The Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group videos will be posted via the website once I post the video to the webserver and hand off the links to David Slater who runs a Final Cut Pro help website called Proapp Tips for inclusion on the TOFCPUG website.

Video Conversion Notes and Posting Streaming Quicktime(s)

Video Conversion

One of the challenges of converting the older SMPTE archive was that it was originally posted and stored using Real Media. I finally settled on using Xilisoft Video Converter and after several tests I decided it was best to convert them to MPEG 4 -AVC. The results were OK with the biggest problem being the audio remaining in sync. Click here to check out one of the older transfers.

Quicktime Streaming

I’ve worked from the earliest days of streaming with Real Media and Windows Media but to be honest I’ve found working with Apple’s technology to be the most perplexing. Because I’ve been time challenged learning the Apple workflow has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve yet to figure out how to quickly copy a DV tape onto my Macbook Pro’s hard drive but I have discovered if I have an MPEG 4 file either created on a PC or created by Quicktime Broadcaster I need to use Quicktime Pro and export the file as a “hinted” movie. The exported file can then be placed on the Quicktime server and it will work when accessed by a link. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out the DV tape transfer to a Mac when I get some time…..

YouTube Video to MPEG-4

I finally found a free program that simply converts a YouTube video to MPEG4. It’s called IPOD Video Converter For Free and it worked quite well on one video I downloaded. Although I tried converting a YouTube file that originated from a really old commercial that did not work.

Toronto FC

Over the past few years I’ve developed an interest in Soccer, especially watching the World and Euro Cups over the past few years. A friend of mine Tom Walshman took me to to the Toronto FC game on Saturday May 12 vs Chicago Fire. He has seasons tickets in the South End of BMO Field where the “real” football fans are. It was quite something to see Toronto score their first goal. This weekend the CBC delayed their coverage of the game because they were covering the Ottawa/Buffalo Hockey playoff series. To watch the game live I subscribed to MLSLivetv. For $20.00 for the entire season you can watch any MLS Football game that is covered live an/or on demand. Quite the bargain and the service worked quite well.

More soon…..


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