I mentioned in yesterdays post about downloading YouTube files. Some others that came to light in a Digg article include and an article on how to download just about anything using Safari.

Personally having emerged from an environment of little means, I have been watching the development of the One Laptop Per Child program initiated by Nicholas Negroponte over the past few years. It was too bad to see that Intel is moving into this space in a manner that might affect his efforts as shown in this 60 minutes video that was broadcast over the weekend.

I spent a few hours this evening with Many Ayromlou at Goodtymez. Many is a close friend of mine and he just got back from the Access Grid Retreat in Chicago and while in Chicago he visited the Nokia Store. Many tells me it’s one of three stores in the world and it’s something that is being set-up to compete with Apple and their stores. While in the Nokia Store he actually purchased the coolest little Linux based PDA I’d ever seen. Now I had of hoped that the picture I took of it would have allowed me to identify it after seeing it but I believe it to be a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and there is nothing –to my knowledge– available like it in Canada from a retail outlet. Between the perfectly drawn shamrocks that Mike (the bartender) was placing on the head of his Guinness beers, Many and I played with the Bluetooth connectivity between his Nokia and my UTstarcom cellphone. Despite the promise of Bluetooth we could not get the two devices in a state where they might exchange data.

I received a call today from David Slater of ProApp Tips inquiring if I would release a copy of Nonya Nerd’s Vlog of NAB 2007 to the Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group. Needless to say I was flattered and agreed that on the weekend I would create a streaming file to make available to registered members of the TOFCPUG for viewing via the website. More on this –What is a Nonya Nerd?– when it’s posted…….

Other items of note today….
Fujitsu’s H.264 chip encodes/decodes in Full HD — a world’s first

More soon….


2 Responses

  1. Hey Brad,

    Just a correction…….It’s actually the N800 (newer version). It runs Debian Linux (known as Maemo). Hey if you get a chance point your quicktime at this link rtsp:// and check out the video…..H263 w/ audio encoded directly on the N800. This thing is doing all the encode (audio and video) and sending the stuff over wireless to my OSX Server at Rye. Gotta check out gstreamer. It’s the program behind all this and it’s absolutely fantastic 🙂


  2. Many,

    I cant get the link to work… Even if I change it to rtsp://


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