Simple Entry

The blog entry for today has to be simple. As a follow-up from last evening’s entry it turns out that Goodtymez actually has a website. This was the place Many and were at last night where we were trying to make his NOKIA work with Bluetooth…… Enough said….

BTW I think that Mike (The Bartender) was upset about the reality that I could not get a picture of his Guinness shamrock on this site. I watched the second half of the AC Milan vs Liverpool game today at Goodtymez. Interesting… I saw Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch playing for Liverpool who I remember from the World Cup games I saw…. I’m no expert but I am getting to know the sport,

On the technology front I submitted my NAB 2007 report today via the Ryerson Operations Committee today. I’ll make public as soon as I come up with a place on the Internet to store documents. Once I get that sorted out I’ll hopefully be able to post the picture of Mike’s Shamrock.. Hopefully this weekend.

However at the same meeting the hotter piece of Media I distributed was the DVD of Nonya Nerd’s VLOG of NAB 2007. What’s the VLOG of Nonya Nerd? After this weekend via the TOFCOUG website you’ll be able to watch the VLOG……

More soon

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