NAB 2007 Report Highlights New Technology At April’s Broadcast Show

NAB 2007 Report

I finally found a place to host additional down-loadable content and provide links to it so I can now distribute the NAB 2007 Report that I wrote as a record of my trip. It’ll give you an idea of some of the things I saw at NAB thought were of note if you are at all interested in reading it.

The report is actually the basis of the script for Nonya Nerd’s VLOG of NAB 2007 which the Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group asked me to make available on the internet. Since I’m learning the basics of blogging and did some reading on how to drive traffic to my blog the link to Nonya VLOG of NAB 2007 will be distributed via this blog. I’m currently encoding it for distribution. As I wrote in a previous blog, people seem to gravitate towards the video –you can’t forget the Nonya character– over the paper version.

Format of Blog

Since the purpose of this blog is to focus on my technical interests I’m going to reformat my posts so they start with technology and advance to rants and raves with the r&r that are not of a technical nature towards the end of the blog.

Many Ayromlou’s Blog

Many told me yesterday that he’s going to start a blog of his own. It’ll be interesting reading as Many is working in a number of interesting area’s relating to communication and media technology. I’ll be sure to blog the particulars once he’s established his blog.

More Soon


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