Googling Webcams, What PC World’s Top 100 Missed, and Blog Images

Getting Kicked Off Google using Google Live Webcam Search

I StumbleUpon‘d a great trick today that uses Google to track down live webcams. If you’re not aware the trick is to type “inurl:view/shtml” into a Google search and the links will start popping up webcams! Webcams of just about anything! You can also determine the camera’s location in the world by entering the links ip address into were the city of the originating IP address will be returned. What’s interesting is after linking to five or six camera’s using Google it will stop serving links. A page will come up claiming “your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spy ware application”.

PC World – The 100 Best Products of 2007

Even though it’s only May PC World has published a list of the Best 100 Products of 2007. For me the jury is still out for the Intel Core 2 Duo –haven’t noticed performance increase as something to rave about– and Nintendo Wii as I haven’t been able to purchase one yet!!!! Why????

However I’ll comment on and note some other items that are both on and not on the best of list that I came across in the last year. Products I concur of note include Parallels Desktop, Google YouTube, Mozilla Firefox 2,,,, and Apple’s MacBook Pro. I really think the products of 2006 include Ubuntu –now 7.04 that automatically finds the content on the Windows partition)– and Audacity –it’s simple operation using keyboard shortcuts streamlines my Audio Voice Over work–. Two items not on the list that I would have included are Open Office and the Blue Snowball Microphone.

In the case of Open Office, I use it as much as Microsoft Word. One of the many things it does better than Word is allow for placement of images in WP documents. It’s also rescued me several times with .doc and PowerPoint files that were created by Microsoft Office and then stopped working. More than once I loaded files into Open Office, it would open them and then I could resave them… The Blue Snowball microphone plugs into the USB port and works great with Audacity and instant recognition as a microphone on a MAC. The quality is amazing….

I see Yan Feng’s blog picked up my comments on Nicholas Negroponte earlier in the week. Yan’s blog appears to focus on pure science and it points to a Scientific Video Lectures site that looks pretty good.

Some interesting things I looked at today

  • Linutop – a small diskless PC.
  • Picotux – a very small Linux PC for embedded applications
  • Invisible Shield – A protective plastic so your electronics don’t scratch.

Finally… Images!

I spent the afternoon activating my Flickr account as you may have noticed on the blogs sidebar. However I discovered that WordPress has an image insertion icon. (Duh!) Anyway here are some of the pictures that I had been wanting to add during the week.

Many’s NOKIA N800

Many Ayromlou's NOKIA N800 Mobile Device

Canola Media Player

Canola Media Player


The perfectly drawn shamrocks that Mike (the bartender) was placing on the head of his Guinness beers at Good Tymez Pub.

The perfectly drawn shamrocks that Mike (the bartender) was placing on the head of his Guinness beers at Good Tymez Pub.


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