Intel’s Vision Of The Next Generation Of Visual Computing – Model Based

The reason these video’s are surfacing on my blog is because the Intel Developers Forum is on this week in Shanghai, China. With the forum comes some insight into the direction Intel is taking with its various procesor lines. One area that Intel is pushing is the next generation of Visual Computing that is possible with its multicore processors. The video (below) titled “Makin’ Chips Work for You” provides an overview and insight into the kinds of real time Visual Computing possible when the worlds of video and metadata are combined in a multi-processor computer environment. They call it “Model-Based Computing”.

Check out the the real time cloth simulation, real time digital water, real time motion tracking with standard camera’s and a real time video editing application where the editing is accomplished automatically in this video…..


Video – How INTEL’s ATOM Processor Is Powering The Next Generation Of Mobile Devices

Last Friday Intel’s Uday Keshavdas assisted in a video as he was packing up for his trip to Shanghai for the Intel Developer Forum. The video provides insight into the new mobile devices that the Intel ATOM is powering. The video (below) shows new devices, a silicon wafer that has 2500 ATOMS on it and he opens up a mobile Internet device to show where the Intel Atom processor fits.