Computing’s Next Major Leap… Human Interface.

Justin Rattner, Intel’s CTO predicts physical computers will eventually disappear! –What I like my Apple II. ;)– He feels that they will embed themselves into walls, cars and homes over the next 40 years. He thinks the next major leap will be in the human interface with technology. Video below;


Hitachi’s DZ-WR90. Blu-ray Burning without a PC.

The DZ-WR90 is a Blu-ray burner that can burn directly from your HD camcorder via an eSATA port. The drive also works with DVD-R discs, and can support double-sided media. Hitachi indicates a Blu-ray disc will fit approx 3 hours of 1920 × 1080 footage and burn it n about 1.5hrs.

The Amazing OLPC XO Laptop 2.0!

Nicholas Negroponte is at it again with his announcement of OLPC Laptop 2.0. He unveiled the new system that has two touch-sensitive displays. The XO-2 will be much smaller than the original machine –half the size– and will be constructed as a fold-able e-book form factor. It will employ dual indoor-and-sunlight displays and provide a right and left page vertically and a flat, two-screen surface for use in tablet mode. The XO-2’s power consumption will be 1 watt and the planned release is 2010. Video below;

Tim Robins’ Keynote speech at NAB 2008

Many Ayromlou over at Nerdlogger has posted video of Tim Robins’ Keynote speech at NAB 2008. According to Many, “I think it’s very much worth a listen. Tim really lays it out nicely.” Bob McKenzie of York University who I mentioned in my previous post spoke of this presentation as well. The link is

All Things “Search” At Google.

Last evening I shared the stage with Bob McKenzie of York University to provide our various impressions of NAB 2008 to Toronto’s Final Cut Pro users group. Bob came away from NAB thinking that we are evolving towards a “search” culture in the way that we consume media. That got me to thinking about the state of the art of “search”. If you have the time this video “Google Factory Tour of Search” that was posted a few days ago explains all things search at Google…..

NAB 2008 – Links Of All Things NAB 2008

Below are some random links of different items that I saw an NAB 2008;

Lowel Ego Light Video below;

Lowel EDULighting Resource Center. Video Below;

Matrox MXO2 – that provides broadcast-quality input/output, monitoring, and up/down/cross conversion to Apple Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe CS3 Production Premium on the Mac. Click Here For Video Link.

Vikuiti Rear Projection Film – Video Below;

KAE CorporationApple™ G5 Desk Mounts

Display DevicesConfidence Monitor Cart

Tiger TechnologymetaSAN

ScopeBox Click Here For Video.

Horita“Script Kit” PA Logging Clipboard w/ Software and Pocket PA LTC – Bluetooth Transmitter

American Paper Optics3D Glasses

CheckersCable Management Systems


Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) – displays four times the number of pixels of the highest HDTV standard resolution 1080p. It’s sometimes referred to as 2160p. The number 2160 stands for 2160 lines of vertical display resolution. Video Below;

iRecord Personal Media Recorder

AminoIPTV Set Top Boxes

Native 1080p Production

Blackmagic DesignClick Here For Video Tour Of Booth.

J-LAB 15.4 inch 1080P LCD Field Monitor

TASCAM DR-1 Video Below;

Ultra scalable content storage from IBM – Video Below;

MerlinOneMerlin Video

MacBreak NAB 2008 Coverage

NAB 2008: Tidbits: Part 1

NAB 2008: Neutrik

NAB 2008: Location Sound Corp

NAB 2008: Lite Panels

NAB 2008: Plug-in Pavilion

NAB 2008: JK Audio

NAB 2008: Flow

NAB 2008: RSR

NAB 2008: Mogul

NAB 2008: Thermo

NAB 2008: Gefen

NAB 2008: Tidbits Part 2

NAB 2008 – Storage Report

Holographic Media

Once again on the floor of NAB was next generation of write-once Holographic media in the Maxell booth. On display was the tapestry™300r, the world’s first commercial holographic drive and media that will be released this August. The drive has a 300GB capacity –20MB/s, 160 Mb/s transfer rate– using a WORM recording format using a 405 nm laser wavelength. Below is a video on the unit and the technology.


Maxell’s iVDR 160GB HDD also made an appearance at NAB. This year it was being shown connected to a Panasonic P2 recorder for offloading P2 data. iVDR units were created to pass military toughness specifications and the media is reasonably priced. Below are two videos that outline how iVDR is used in video applications from NAB 2008.

Shining Technology CitiDISK SSD

Shining Technology unveiled the world’s first ultra-portable tapeless video recorder with its 32GB CitiDISK SSD. SSD stands for Solid State drive and it represents the next generation of field recording. The battery-operated SSD drive attaches most FireWire-enabled DV or HDV video cameras. The drive features no moving parts, its eco-friendly using 80% less power than conventional hard drives, it’s optimized for extreme, hostile, rugged conditions and it performs well in high altitudes. The unit is shipping with a MSRP of $1800.00.

Convergent Design Flash XDR

Flash XDR has been designed to break-through the limitations of low bit-rate 3:1:1 / 4:2:0 sub-sampled (1440×1080) recording. Unlike Firewire recording drives, Flash XDR captures the never-compressed HD-SDI output using a 4:2:2 full-raster (1920x1080i/p) MPEG2 CODEC at bit-rates up to 160 Mbps. –that’s 4 to 6 times that of HDV–. The camera-mountable, low-power solid-state design utilizes affordable Compact Flash media to provide 2.4 hours recording time (160 Mbps) using four 48 GB cards! It records standard MXF file format ensures easy transfer to most NLE programs with all the benefits of a tapeless workflow. Additional features include 24p pulldown removal, time-lapse recording and automatic backups at RAID1 level .By fall 2008 the unit will allow for uncompressed 4:2:2 10-bit recording with an optional software upgrade.