Sony and Samsung both claim “world’s first” 200Hz LCD TV

Harry McCracken’s blog post dated August 29th, day speaks of his day at IFA. IFA is a giant consumer electronics show in Berlin that’s often called Europe’s equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One thing he noted was that both SONY and Samsung claimed the worlds first 200Hz LCD TVs. These innovations are important given that  a faster frame rate provides smoother action on an LCD TV with less motion blur.

McCrackens image from SONY's booth

McCrackens image from SONY’s booth

In the video below the BBC reports on this 200Hz technology at the show. In addition the report covers SONY’s MP3 Walkmans with built in noise canceling technology and Tom Tom GPS technology that delivers advances in car GPS navigation that collects information on the driving habits of local drivers and then updates its directions based on that information.

2 Responses

  1. The art of article writing is not just about gathering information at one place. It is about having information at one place in an organized way and that is what you have tried to do in this article on sony and samsung both claim worlds first 200hz lcd tv. Don’t i agree to it now when i am reading this article? LCD

  2. I tend to go with Samsung on this one — as far as I see, Samsung has always been the leader in IT research and development — just look at their RAM solutions 🙂

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