Wanna be a NAB 2009 Reporter?

Larry Jordan FCP Guru

According to Final Cut Pro Guru Larry Jordan Digital Production BuZZ, which I believe is Larry’s podcast, has been selected as the Official Podcast of the 2009 NAB Show this year.

That’s great news as Larry has been one who has put much into the Final Cut Pro community. However as these things go its being done on a minuscule budget and Larry is looking for a few reporters to help him out. Right now volunteer but if he gets enough sponsors he’s looking at remuneration.  The podcast is sure to get a lot of play so this would be a good opportunity for someone who wants to raise their profile a bit or promote their podcast or blog within the community.

The details of how you can participate are as follows from his newsletter;

If you would like to be part of this effort, and are already planning to be at NAB, send an email to Debbie@larryjordan.biz. She will let you know what we need.

As of today, we can only use volunteers. However, we are working to get sponsors and as soon as money starts coming in, I’ll be able to pay you for your time.

Break a leg…..


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