Want to know about some of the New Technology you’ll see at NAB 2009 – Check out the technology at HPA Technology Retreat 2009

JVC Monitor That Converts 2D Images To 3D

JVC Monitor That Converts 2D Images To 3D

The Hollywood Post Alliance describes their 15th annual technology retreat with the slogan “Now more than ever! Arm your Brain”. Well if you don’t think te info “Arms your Brain” the minimum it can do is arm you for NAB 2009. While I can’t do a full report on this event since I wasn’t at the event, here are some one line highlights from various postings I have read.

Panavision SSR

Panavision SSR

  • Panavison showed a new version of their solid state dockable recorder called the SSR-2. The SSR-2 records 42 minutes of uncompressed 4:4:4 or 84 minutes of uncompressed 4:2:2 HDSDI data.
  • Sheau Ng, VP, NBC Universal of NBC Olympics talked of content protection via fingerprinting
  • AboveNET’s  high-seed fiber optic private network for motion picture, TV and media content creators.  AboveNet offers high speed connectivity between studios involved in content creation and AboveNet owns the fibre.

    Alioscopy autostereographic display

    Alioscopy autostereographic display

  • Alioscopy demonstrated a 3D display that required no glasses.
  • Adobe’s RED 4K R3D RAW files imported natively and working in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Rabbit Holes demonstrated 3D Motion Holograms

    3D codec for theaters that will deliver 2K images

    3D codec for theaters that will deliver 2K images

  • TDVision Systems demonstrated a 3D codec that allows theaters to deliver a full 2K 3D image to movie theater screens
  • Apple’s prototype of a plug-in that enables 3D stereoscopic editing
  • Digital Vision showed Turbine 2009 and Nucoda 2009 that will be launched at NAB
  • Bright Systems BrightClip Recording Technology that intelligently places media files in a manner that supports performance stability
  • Rob Kobrin noted that by 2012, one-third of all disk storage sold will be to the media and entertainment market
  • JVC demonstrated a 3D LCD monitor that can convert 2D images to 3D
  • Digital Film Technology OptiPin optical pin registration system for the Spirit 2K/4K/HD family
  • Steve Weinstein noted that Hulu, YouTube and other over-the-top TV solutions are breaking cable and satellite.
  • Graham Jones of NAB talked how ATSC 2.0 promises to deliver new services that include 3D, 1080/60p, and ITV
  • JVC’s GYHM 100 handheld and GYHM700 shoulder camcorders that natively record the file format used by Final Cut Pro.
  • 23.2 percent of U.S. households had HDTVs as of November 30, up from 12.8 percent according to Nielsen Research
  • Fully one-third of US households don’t watch HD programming according to independent studies from Frank N. Magid Associates and Leichtman Research Group
  • JVC showed two prototype 3D HDTV monitors both using polarized passive glasses.
  • Mark Schubin noted most viewers watching HD are tuned to sports, with political content in second place, followed by awards shows and sitcoms. HD dramas did not make the list.
  • MTI Film showed Control Dailies DA which ingests Red, Panasonic P2, Panavision Genesis and ARRI D21 material and is able to place this footage on the same timeline.
  • Polled ATSC members on important features thought that an ATSC standardized advanced video codec and non-real-time services were top of the list, while stereoscopic 3D ranked 18th out of 26 features.
  • Panasonic showed a wireless metadata entry system for the P2 cameras
  • Panasonic also showed a Varicam 3700 4:4:4 full 1080P resolution camera with master quality AVC-1 recording and external uncompressed recording.
  • Between 15 and 20 million US homes rely on over-the-air TV and 6.5 million of them aren’t ready for DTV
  • Sarnoff introduced a new Visualizer Digital Video Test Pattern that tests for compression, lipsync, color matrix mismatch, field dominance and chroma motion.

    MPEG-4 h.264

    MPEG-4 h.264

  • EBU tests have found that MPEG-4 h.264 encoders have reached a 50% bandwidth savings vs. MPEG-2.
  • The most pessimistic forecast calls for 18 million 3D-ready TV sets in homes by 2012
  • SmartJog showed global electronic delivery of Digital Cinema Packets between distributors used for DCP mastering and servicing facilities.
  • SONY’s 4K 3D projector can handle up to a 55-foot wide screen with 4.5 ftL of brightness.
  • BBC are working on developing 3D production that employs 2D cameras and synthetically creates a 3D experience
  • Snell & Wilcox introduced “Film Tools” conversion technology for the Alchemist HD Standard Converter.
  • Pete Putnam noted that in recent months he has seen an increase in emails from consumers who are cutting the cable chord, saving money, and spending their days watching over-the-air television and videos downloaded via the Internet.
  • Dr. Stephen Jolly BBC researcher noted that 120 Hz LCD TVs are becoming common and 180/200/240 Hz models are being exhibited.  300 Hz is may be the goal as its easy to convert to 50/60 Hz and is compatible with mains frequencies. It would finally unify our different TV standards.
  • Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies noted that Five years from now when we look at what type of bandwidth, processing power will be available, what the price of storage and components that will be available,  it’s imperative that by that time we are more automated and data centric than today.”
  • Sony Electronics showed an HKSR-5804 option for the SRW-5800 videotape recorder that  turns the VTR into an uncompressed data recorder for 2K/4K DPX files.
  • The ATSC and the Consumer Electronics Association are  working to make TV receivers less prone to lip sync woes.

I got these bullets and shots from;



Mark Schubin (Right)

Finally I understand that many of these links originated from Mark Schubin. I just tweeted something about him that occurred outside of HPA 2009. Mark Schubin’s “The Fandom of the Opera” captured at the December Toronto Section SMPTE meeting. It made the “big time”. http://bit.ly/MXwp


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