Microsoft Finally Gets Its Commercials Right

There is no doubt in my mind that from a financial point of view PC’s running Windows provide a good value proposition when put up against a Mac. Now don’t get me wrong if you love a Mac because I do most of my work on an iMac which I’ve grown to like because of it’s incredible reliability. I use Windows PC’s and I have some older PC’s and laptops that run Ubuntu Linux. In fact Ubuntu and the entire open source movement actually provides a much better value than Windows and PC’s. The biggest struggles I face in computing are usually related to Windows and often and inability of Microsoft’s
own programs to work with the OS and/or work between each other.

That said I think the commercial (below) really puts the value that PC’s with Windows offers given most people just want their computers to work. I don’t know if its a Microsoft or HP advert but the commercial works for me…. To bad a PC can’t run Final Cut Pro…

One Response

  1. hehehe…..I saw this as well and absolutely love it. MS has finally given up on being better, faster, higher, fancier………they are now just CHEAPER……….

    They suck so bad that they can’t compete on anything better than $$. Not that it’s really any cheaper to own a Windowz PC…….I can’t wait for the parody versions of this with the Ubuntu chicks………you want cheap, we got cheap……HOW ABOUT FREE :-)…….

    Man what a sad day, I thought the seinfeld ads were bad……..

    Oh and btw why in gods name would you want to give up your beautiful imac…..have you been able to find a machine as nice looking that’s as trouble free?

    As I always say……TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)…..You get what you pay for……just ask Stacey how many HP laptops she had to go through and return until she found one where all the buttons were working :-).

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