Samsung Solid State Drives In Action – Talk About Speed

This Samsung marketing video is definitely worth a watch. Wait until you see the awesome computer they construct to build an 24 piece SSD raid. It opens all of Microsoft Office in less than a second and rips a DVD in no time….

And wait until you see the SSD bean jumping contest…. Awesome video… Awesome technology….


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Virtual Cocoon – A Headset That Is Being Designed To Mimic All Five Senses.

Virtual Cocoon Under Development

Virtual Cocoon Under Development

A team of British academics from York and Warwick universities are creating a virtual reality helmet they are calling the Virtual Cocoon. The device, that recreates the sights, smells, sounds and even tastes will also enable users to greet friends and family on the other side of the world as though they were in the same room. The device will allow for Virtual time travel with users being able to find out what it was like to live in ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece.

According to a MailOnline report scientists claim it stimulates the senses so convincingly they have called the experience Real Virtuality. The prototype helmet connects wirelessly to a computer based  information source that feeds it information about a virtual world or the real world.

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The Cocoon features a high-definition high dynamic screen. HDR screens  produce pictures ten times darker or 30 times brighter than conventional television. A tube connected to a box of chemicals releases smells under the wearer’s nose, while a similar device can spray flavours directly into the mouth and provide a texture sensation.


Free Television For This Century – How Works

I came across this interesting video and article on over the weekend. In Canada we’re being subjected to a climate where large corporate owners of our countries TV stations are claiming that they cant make money off of free over the air television. When I came across this video it struck me that companies are still innovating in television, with some developing new ways to make money

Some background: attracted 13.2 million viewers in January, according to measurement service Quantcast. But only a few stopped by at to watch the 32.6 million video streams. Ninety-five percent of viewership was on other websites and blogs and this is how wants it.

Blip was formed in 2005, with the basic idea that anybody could star on its network. Its shows cover everything from gaming and comics fandom to tips on woodworking and making won-ton soup. The company, has only 19 employees and its shows also can be seen on Internet-connected Sony Bravia TV sets and on Verizon’s cable-TV-like Fios system. just cut a deal to bring Blip shows to TV sets via TiVo. Enjoy the video…


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Programmable Matter Is Definately On The Edge

Wireless Power!

New technologies shown last week by Intel in New York City at Intel’s Innovation Showcase, may provide the foundation that can radically effect the future of movies and television. The show demonstrated technologies that you may think you’d only see in movies with Intel claiming that of the futuristic technologies may be made within another five to 20 years.

One technology demonstrated was automatic video editing. Software can control your computer to scan through a recording of a sporting event and pull out only the highlights you want.

One of the most interesting concepts at the show was “programmable matter” which is actually objects that shape shift. The objects are actually tiny little computers that can actually talk to each other and create little networks and create shapes. Developers feel that down the road, people may scrap their TV’s and watch events like the Super Bowl as if it was a quickly-moving.sculpture in the living room.

In addition to the video posted below check out New York’s TV 1 report , including its potential for TV and Film, on all of the other amazing technology at the show


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Intel Announces World’s First Embedded Balanced Antenna for Digital TV on Your Laptop

Intels Embedded DTV Antenna Concept

Intel's Embedded DTV Antenna Concept

Intel researchers announced that they have developed the world’s first embedded balanced antenna for digital TV. According to the annoucment, which provided minimal information, this patent-pending “Intel innovation” will allow on-the-go users to watch digital television on their laptop without the need for an external antenna. The announcement notes that the elimination of the external antenna reduces the number of items to purchase, carry and keep track of.

There are no other details.


The Touchscreen Future According To Microsoft

Recently at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, president Stephen Elop of Microsoft’s business division presented a video from Microsoft Office Labs.The video gives a brief glimpse of what Microsoft imagines being mainstream technology by 2019. Technologies in the video include a “transparent wall” between two classrooms located across the globe. The video is loaded with surface displays and mini projectors.It remains to be seen how many of these technologies will actually make be a reality. It’ll be a good laugh in 2019 when some of these technologies may seem like distant dreams.


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