How Network TV Will Reinvent Itself – Huh?

I just completed reading the article on How Network TV Will Reinvent Itself and I could not help but think it is short on content. While I do believe that more local content is a key element, I think the story misses the importance of one of television’s big strengths which is its power as a live medium. More live and local should be one of the mantras that local television adopts.

I don’t believe that “MediaFriends TV Chat, that was mentioned in the article that allows viewers to send text messages like —”OMG, can you believe what Miley is wearing?”— will necessarily help Network TV but it will add a bit to an interactive culture. I think Twitter already owns this space.

I still believe the kinds of data giveaways that are possible under the Datacasting component of ATSC has the potential to be very powerful. Hopefully it will gain some popularity as Mobile ATSC rolls out. Over the air broadcasters have yet to build upon the power they have for data delivery with their digital terrestrial towers. Hopefully, like the Internet did, this technology will pan out for broadcasting. Again this technology was not mentioned in the article and its why I think it to be short on content.

See if you agree…


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