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Free Links To NAB’s Digital Cinema Summit Content

Links to some of the sessions (Audio – Synchronized PowerPoints) can be found at

NAB’s Video Bloggers

NAB’s Video Bloggers can be found at


A great collection of videos can be found at

Digital Cinema Society

I came across a goldmine of video’s from NAB 2009 that were posted by the Digital Cinema Society. The video’s are short and concise and filled with lots of great information.

Red Digital – ”Leader of the Rebellion”

Ted Schilowitz discusses the latest from RED Digital Cinema. (Click Here)

AVID Technology Workflows

Vincent Maza of Avid Technology discusses new workflows for RED and 3-D. (Click Here)

Cooke Optics i-Technology at NAB 2009

Cooke Optics US Distributor Les Zellen discusses i-Technology. (Click Here)

Fujinon’s PL mount Digital Cinema Lenses

Fujinon’s Chuck Lee presents their new line of 35mm format PL mount Digital Cinema Lenses including the 18-85mm T2.0 which should start delivering in May, followed by three other PL zooms, a 14.5-45mm T2.0, 24-180mm T2.6, and 75-400mm T2.8/T4.0 expected by December. (Click Here)

In Part II from Fujinon, Chuck Lee reviews the company’s traditional line of 2/3” Broadcast and Cine lenses. (Click Here)

Abel Cine Tech At NAB 2009

In Part One from Abel Cine Tech, Mitch Gross presents a new line of PL Mount Prime Lenses from IB/E Optics, a Director’s Viewfinder from ARRI, and a new PL collimation tool. (Click Here)

In Part II from Abel Cine Tech, Mitch Gross reviews the latest updates and accessories for the Vision Research Phantom Cameras. (Click Here)

In Part III from Abel Cine Tech’s Mitch Gross presents new Digital Cinema Camera Accessories including AirSeaLand R.I.P. and R.I.B. breakout box for the RED, as well as new gear from ARRI, and a new light weight camera battery system. (Click Here)


Anthony Lenzo of AirSeaLand, the manufacturer of the R.I.P. and R.I.B. breakout/extention box system, present their latest product, a rough weather U/W Splash Bag known at “T-Bag”. (Click Here)

Panasonic at NAB 2009

Jan Crittenden Presents the new HPX300. (Click Here)

Panasonic’s Steve Cooperman discusses the latest advancements in P2, including a set of economical P2 media. (Click Here)

Panasonic’s Steve Golub explains what’s new with Panasonic Displays. (Click Here)

Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses and S.two Solid State Recorder

Band Pro’s Michael Bravin talks lenses, including the the new Zeiss Compact Prime set. (Click Here)

In Part 2 of Band Pro’s coverage, Michael Bravin shows off the S.two OB-1 solid state recorder on a Steadicam. (Click Here)

Media Distributor At Nab 2009

Richard Myerson presents Media Distributor’s new archive and data management solution, the Constellation system. (Click Here)

Media Distributor’s Tony Cahill presents their new Archive Station. (Click Here)

Blackmagic Design At NAB 2009

Blackmagic Design’s President, Dan May shows off their newest products. (Click Here)

SONY at NAB 2009

Dhanedra Patel from Sony describes the latest CineAlta camcorder, the SRW9000, a 2/3” 4:4:4 HDCAM SR camcorder. (Click Here)

Sony’s Joseph Schimizzi presents the new F800 a 2/3” XDCAM Optical media camcorder. (Click Here)

K5600 At NAB 2009

Gilles Galerne, President of K5600, Inc. demonstrates some of the lighting company’s latest technology. (Click Here)

ADOBE Premeire at NAB 2009

Adobe’s Simon Hayhurst explains new workflow enhancements with Premeire including the ability to work with RAW format cameras such as the RED. (Click Here)

Tiffen At NAB 2009

Inventer of the Steadicam Garrett Brown shows the latest features and rigs for full size cameras, all the way down to palmcorders. (Click Here)

Tiffen’s Carrey Duffy discusses filtration for Digital Cinema cameras, and new filter products the company has designed especially for these needs. (Click Here)

Hilary Araujo presents Tiffen’s new Version II of their remarkable DFX software. (Click Here)

Optimo Rouge Lens

Angenieux’s Eva Paryzka presents their new 16-42mm Optimo Rouge Lens. (Click Here)

AJA At NAB 2009

AJA’s Nick Rashby presents their new cross platform combination i/o and camera mountable tapeless recorder: “Ki Pro”. (Click Here)

In part two of Nick Rashby’s presentation he describes the AJA io Express, a new tool for tapeless workflows. (Click Here)

ARRI At NAB 2009

ARRI’s Bill Lovell presents new features for the ARRI D21 Digital Cinema Camera, and a new HD video tap for their film cameras. (Click Here)

ARRI Chief Technology Officer Glenn Kennell discusses advancements in ARRI RAW workflows. (Click Here)

John Gresch of ARRI Lighting presents the new 1.8K ARRI Par HMIs and new variable color LED Lights. (Click Here)

Bogen At NAB 2009

Bogen Imaging’s David Fisher presents Litepanel’s new camera mounted LED light. (Click Here)

Bogen Imaging’s Will Holowka presents Manfrotto’s new connectable light stands. (Click Here)

Bogen Imaging’s Will Holowka presents the latest Avenger heavy duty light stand. (Click Here)

Bogen Imaging’s Wayne Schulman presents Manfrotto’s light duty series of tripods and fluid heads. (Click Here)

Bogen Imaging’s Wayne Schulman presents Kata equipment bags. (Click Here)

S.two Uncompressed Solid State Recorders

S.two’s Steve Roach details the latest in their line of solid state uncompressed recorders, the on-camera OB-1 with removable Flash Mags. (Click Here)

Gefen At NAB 2009

Gefen’s Robert Lemer discusses their latest products. (Click Here)

Canon At NAB 2009

Canon’s Tim Smith details the latest cameras from Canon including the new 5D Digital Still Camera which can also be used for HD motion imaging. (Click Here)

Canon’s Larry Thorpe explains the latest technology for HD broadcast lenses. (Click Here)

Matt McEwen of Focus Enhancements presents the new FST1001 file based recorder. (Click Here)

Matt McEwen of Focus Enhancements presents the new on-board recorder for XDCAM format. (Click Here)

JVC At NAB 2009

Craig Yanagi presents JVC’s new file based camcorder, the first Hand-Held to Record Native Final Cut Pro Files – GY-HM100 (Click Here)

JVC’s New Full HD 3D LCD Monitor for Professional Use (Click Here)

Craig Yanagi presents several new features on JVC’s line of HD Professional Monitors. (Click Here)

JVC’s Craig Yanagi shows a technology demo of their upcoming 4K camera and monitor. (Click Here)

Zacuto 5D Rig

Zacuto’s Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn demonstrate their new camera support solutions for large and small format digital cameras, even the Stills/Motion Canon 5D. (Click Here)

High-Speed Weisscam

Thomas Greiser of ZGC discusses the latest advancements to the High-Speed Weisscam. (Click Here)


Patrick Palmer of Iridas he latest news on Speed Grade and the many industry workflow partnerships IRIDAS has formed. (Click Here)

Digital Vision At NAB 2009

Richard Antley details the new tools in the latest version of FIlm Master from Digital Vision. (Click Here)

Keith Roush, Owner of Burbank, CA post faciltiy Roush Media is a Digital Vision customer who relates his positive experience with their products. (Click Here)

Lightcraft Technology Auto Motion Tracking Matte Preview System

Elliot Mack of Lightcraft Technology demos their new Auto Motion Tracking Matte Preview System. (Click Here)

James Moore – The Minister of Canadian Heritage On The State Of CanadianTelevision

An interesting interview with James Moore the Minister of Canadian Heritage below. He points out that the average Canadian watches 26 hours of TV a week but those under 25 watch it for only 12 hours per week. He also discusses the CBC, bridge financing, and changes in the media landscape.

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Mark Cuban On The State Of And Future Of Television

Mark Cuban likes Cable, HULU but not YouTube…. Why? Watch the video of him interviewed at the D Conference….

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Microsoft 2009 Patent Infringement Awards

In this podcast Digital Daily outlines Microsoft’s 2009 Patent infringement awards. I did not realize that there were two of them… Details in the video below.

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8K x 4K Laser Projector To Be Shown at InfoComm09

Evans & Sutherland will demonstrate its new laser projection system at the InfoComm09, June 17 thru19. Called the ESLP 8K it will be the world’s highest resolution production video projector with resolution and colour projection that exceeds the limits of the human eye. The projector can also display 3D in the highest resolution of any single projector at 4K x 4K.

The unit is powered by a set of solid state laser light sources which offers low cost of operation. Being solid state the hue of the lasers does not degrade or shift over time and yields a much wider useable color spectrum –200% of NTSC/HDTV– than is available in conventional LCoS, DLP, LCD, or other lamp based projectors.

NanoPixel Imaging Chip

The NanoPixel silicon imaging chip that is at the projectors core has 8,192 microscopic moving ribbons that provides an image free of artifacts, no visible gaps between pixels and zero  smearing in its moving images. The ribbon architecture is fine enough to yield a 36-bit/pixel, 12-bit/colour image.

In operation the projector requires modest, quiet cooling and is powered from an ordinary wall outlet It uses significantly less power than other lower resolution 2K and 4K projectors and its light sources do not require replacement as is the case with conventional lamp based projectors.

Getting Great Sound With DSLR Camera’s Using a Handy H4

Zacuto USA has released this great video on getting good sound when shooting video on a DSLR. It really highlights how one might use a Handy H4 recorder. The video is about 14 minutes long and it shows various configurations including on camera mounts for the H4 and how you add the H4 audio into Final Cut Pro.


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Google Advertises Chrome

Google has started TV advertising. The post below is an advert for its Chrome Browser.

Is The Transition To Film Distribution Online Happening?

Interesting discussion in the video below. It’s a group of people on a webcast titled FilmFellas. In the discussion some members of the group are convinced film making is on the verge of migrating online. The discussion covers the death of the TV business model and the eventual extinction of DVD in favor of on-line distribution.

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A Journey Through NAB 2009 – The Complete Compendium

NAB 2009 My Complete Report - Above Motion Capture Technology At NAB 2009

NAB 2009 My Complete Report - Above Motion Capture Technology At NAB 2009

My Compendium

NAB 2009 was a big event this year. There was lots of technology that over both the short and long term will have impact on the media production industry. Over the past week I’ve posted a number of topics related to NAB 2009.

This Compendium is the portal to my NAB 2009 report. It provides an index page of sorts so all of the posts can all be accessed from a location. I hope you find the information contained in these posts of value;

More NAB 2009 Goodies

Next Generation Storage Technologies Abound At NAB 2009

Production Software That Sizzles At NAB 2009

Premium Production Gear at NAB 2009

Interesting Infrastructure Components That Intrigue From NAB 2009

Evolving To Interoperability – The Editing Evolution Continued At NAB 2009

From Blue-ray To 3D Interactive Walk Throughs – The Daunting Number Of Distribution Technologies At NAB 2009

New Digital Cinema Technologies Noted From NAB 2009

NAB 2009’s Cornucopia Of Camera Technologies for Consumers Through Cinema

3D Technology One Of NAB 2009’s Biggest Trends

Sounding Out Emerging Audio Technologies At NAB 2009

Other NAB 2009 Sources

The Nab Show Daily is online at

You can access my NAB 2009 Delicious Bookmarks at

SMPTE Toronto has posted the video of their NAB 2009 Section Meeting at

The ProVideo has posted a number of NAB 2009 videos at

Digital Production BuZZ Podcasts of NAB 2009 can be found at

A number of other NAB 2009 videos can be accessed through the Google Search Engine at and at

Panasonic put together a really nice web portal on their NAB 2009 offerings. It’s at

Next Generation Storage Technologies Abound At NAB 2009

Like cameras at this years NAB there was a ton of recording technologies. Almost extinct are VTR’s as file base recording has become mainstream across the board. This blog post looks at some of the storage technologies that I came across at NAB 2009.


Fraunhofer was showing their MicroStorage device in combination with their microHDTV camera. This new small HD broadcast storage device employs commercial Compact Flash Cards and is suited for point-of-view cameras. The MicroStorage device records HD or SD image data in H.264 high profile L4.0 format and has a power consumption of 5 watts.

HDTV MicroStorage System

HDTV MicroStorage System




The AJA Ki Pro is a new tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media. The unit features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs so one can interface with virtually any type of camera one might own or rent.

AJA Video recorder has removable solid-state media that captures QuickTime files using Apple’s10-bit ProRes 422 compression schemenatively in hardware. This makes the files instantly recognized within a Final Cut Pro timeline so editing can begin immediately with no transcoding.

The Ki Pro records hours of media to a removable a storage module, has a built in FireWire 800 interface or to a 34mm ExpressCard Flash. The Ki Pro Features;

  • Record hours of pristine ProRes media to a removable storage module with built-in FireWire 800, or to 34mm Expresscard Flash, for immediate editing and file access.
  • Record natively to Apple ProRes 422 for full raster 10-bit 4:2:2 HD and SD.
  • Bridge proprietary compression schemes by recording to Apple ProRes 422.
  • Connect any digital camera via SDI or HDMI, or any analog camera with multiple input options
  • Convert in real time from SD to HD, or 720 to/from 1080, in full 10-bit quality.
  • Extend client review capabilities with simultaneous recording to camera and to Ki Pro.
  • Extend productive life of existing cameras and embrace future workflows with powerful conversion capabilities.
  • Built-in WiFi and Ethernet for complete control via a web-browser, or iPhone.

Video below from AJA’s product manager;

Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC (Secure Digital) Memory Adapter For Express Port

Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC Memory Adapter

Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC Memory Adapter

This is another useful product. The RAW SxSxSDHCtm Alternative Memory Adapter for Sony® SxS Applications allows one to use SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards to store data. Download data through express card port or eject SDHC card and place in SDHC to USB reader.

Panasonic – Low-Priced ‘E Series’ P2 Cards

Lower Cost P2 Media from Panasonic

Lower Cost P2 Media from Panasonic - Fast But Lower Life Expectancy

Low-priced P2 media was introduced by Panasonic at NAB. Called the P2 E Series a 64 GB will list for just $998 when it ships in August. Compare that to the $1650 fetched by current 32 GB P2 cards. A 32 GB and a 16 GB E-Series P2 card are expected to ship next month, with $625 and $420 price tags, respectively.

While the newer cards are very fast they are rated for a shorter lifetime of about five years of daily use. As the cards approach the end of their reliable life cycle, a warning will appear on the screen of the P2 camera or card reader. Panasonic’s P2 formatter software will also track an E-series card’s life expectancy.

Avid – Qualifies Final Cut Pro

In another move towoards interoperability Avid, who returned to NAB this year, announced that it has  qualified Apples Final Cut Pro Editing tool to operate on its Unity MediaNetwork and ISIS [Infinitely Scalable Intelligent Storage] shared storage systems.

Flash Memory Recorders At NAB

Below are a number of Flash Memory Recorders that I saw at NAB.

Solid State Drives – iodrive from fusion I/O

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This solid state drive uses NAND flash and boast speeds hundreds of times faster that of hard drives. The video above shows how much throughput can occur with Solid State Drives using Fusion I/O. The video shows how they have the ability to playback 256 simultaneous DVD streams. The video below is a promo and demonstrates how they can be ganged together to increase SSD’s throughput.

Toshiba - On-Air Max

Toshiba - On-Air Max

Convergent Design - Flash XDR

Convergent Design - Flash XDR

Ikegami GFSeries of Tapeless HD Flash Memory Production Tools

Ikegami GFSeries of Tapeless HD Flash Memory Production Tools

Nexto Video Storage

Nexto Video Storage

Hard Drive Storage

Even with all of the Flash based recorders, hard drives are still the workhorse of storage. With the emergence of inexpensive SATA drives, RAID recoding schemes have become mainstream technology. The next few posts look at hard drive based systems and LTO based data archive systems that I saw at NAB.

Cal Digit – VR Mini

The CalDigit VR mini

The CalDigit VR mini

The CalDigit VR mini is a compact two drive RAID system, supporting a quadruple interface –FireWire 400/800, USB 2.0 and eSATA– for easy connectivity for video professionals. The CalDigit VR mini’s modular design provides two removable drive modules and an easy to read frontside LCD. Users can set their system as RAID 0, 1, and JBOD the VR mini can reach speeds fast enough for high definition video editing. It includes easy to use software allowing for firmware updates, configuration, and monitoring which even supports email notification.

Lacie Eithernet Drives

LaCie 5big Network

LaCie 5big Network

If you want a bigger network based system Lacie’s 5big Network is a five-bay RAID solution for small and medium workgroups or offices that need large storage and backup capacity. It offers capacities up to 7.5TB (7500GB) and employs a versatile hot-swap feature. Users can set the 5big to seven different RAID modes including RAID 5 and RAID 6.




CitiDISK™ HD is a recorder that connects directly to camcorders and captures footage to its miniature high-capacity hard drive and to tape simultaneously. This interconnect is from the camera’s FireWire port and it converst the files into Quicktime or AVI files of your choice. It handles DVCPRO HD®, DVCPRO50® and DV footage. Through its “QPLAY” feature it can playback the last scenes on a cameras viewfinder.

Fast Forward Video

Elete HD

Elete HD

FFV introduced five DVR products at NAB this year. The Elite HD camera-mounted DVR and player accepts an incoming HD-SDI video signal with eight channels of embedded audio and records at data rates up to 100Mb/s with 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit quantization with near-lossless J2K compression. Elite HD records video on hot-swappable 2.5″ SATA drives. Once the camera input is captured, the drive can be removed and footage imported into any editing system via USB. Other introductions included the Omega HD DVR and portable Mini DVR Pro, NDT200 and eClips DVRs.

Focus Enhancements FS5 Direct-to-edit Recorder


Focus Enhancements introduced a Version 2.0 upgrade for their FS-5 Direct To Edit™ Recorder. New features include – Video file playback, proxy and thumbnail feature, metadata support for Avid users and extensive multi-camera functionality.

Cache-a – LTO Network Archive Appliance

Cache-a LTO Network Archive Appliance

NAB also saw the introduction of a new  LTO-4 A-Series drive that will  provide fast file transfers over Gigabit Ethernet. The speed of those file transfers are at estimated data rates up to 50MB/s or more.

BRU Producer’s Edition

I also got a glimpse of the BRU Producer’s Edition™ from TOLIS Group. It allows for drag and drop archiving to networked based LTO archiving systems.

HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Drive

HP LTO System

HP LTO System

HP Was also showing their LTO StorageWorks Ultrium 960 tape drives. The product is their third generation LTO technology which delivers a capacity of 800 GB of compressed data on a single cartridge and has a data transfer rate of 576 GB per hour in compressed mode.




One other product I saw was PoolIT from Tiger Technology. It’s a software overlay that consolidates storage by aggregating multiple volumes into one.