Brigham Young University Free Online Classes Have Positive Effect On Paid Enrollment, The Free Classes Help “Spread The Word”

I’ve had to have been in a thousand meetings over the years where some naysayer drones on about how streaming media will actually hurt paid attendance or kill paid memberships in associations. The naysayers never have any actual research or studies to back up their concerns. Instead they normally play into peoples fears and they often win the day.

I’ve always argued the opposite. In the Internet and social media space it’s really all about conversation and engagement. It’s a “what goes around comes around” environment where the more you put in, the more you get out. The most important thing is to involved in the conversation in your community and that will raise the awareness of the physical events that an organization undertakes and continue to attract interested community members.

An experiment and study at Brigham Young University supports my philosophy. It finds that free online classes streamed classes don’t hurt enrollment. In fact they’re actually helping to spread the word and in the end the ripple effect is increased paid enrollment.


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