Can Broadcasters Turn The Tide With Mobile DTV?

A prototype LG Maize phone with digital TV built in.

Over the last decade U.S. broadcasters have lost 25% of their audience. According to an article in the New York Times they plan to turn the tide with free Mobile DTV. In April television stations in Washington, D.C. will start broadcast a TV signal that will beam television to a car at high speed. To date 30 stations in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington have installed this capability at a cost of $75,000 to $150,000.

A $120 device from Valups, left, can retransmit a mobile digital television signal to an iPhone, iPod or BlackBerry over Wi-Fi.

The technology will allow access to TV on a cellphone, on a laptop or in the car. Some in the broadcasting community feel it’s a game changer for local broadcasters and will provide for a renaissance for over-the-air broadcast TV.”

If Mobile DTV proves popular some worrry that it could threaten FLO TV which is a subscription based service that offers premium programming from major commercial broadcast networks, Comedy Central, ESPN and others.

The entire article titled Local TV for Devices on the Move can be accessed at:

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