Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat 2010 – A Preview Of NAB 2010

Probably the biggest show that as a prelude to NAB is the Hollywood Post Alliance Technical Retreat that occurs at this time of year. It’s a show with a number of technologies many in their prototype stage that may or may not make their debut in Las Vegas. Well I’m not lucky enough to attend this event, I do scan the Internet to find the bits pieces and parts of information on the retreat. Adam Wilt over at ProVideo Coalition blogged extensively on the first day of the event and so I thought I would use a little bit of it to provide a foundation of a few thoughts.

Panasonic Needs To Clarify Where Its New 3D Camcorder Sits In The Marketplace

As one would expect, this year’s retreat is heavily slanted towards 3-D. The retreat opened with a super session titled 3-D in the home. It featured speakers who discussed 3-D in depth that mirrored discussions going on just about everywhere on the subject. if you read Adam Wilt’s blog post a couple of interesting things occurred during the discussion. First Panasonic’s Jan Crittenden Livingston stated to Mr. Wilt that Panasonic’s new  stereo camcorder  “It’s not a consumer camcorder” and later indicated that the new camcorder be as big as the HVX200 was in its day. I suspect that Panasonic needs to clarify this, everything I read prior to this indicated that Panasonic’s new stereo camcorder was a consumer level device and I posted commentary on this just the other day.

David Wood of the European Broadcasting Union asked the sobering question “Are You Guys NUTS?” He apparently talked how 3D always turns from “wow” to “ho-hum”. He talked of the repeated cycles of 3D and how they didn’t succeed. He talked about how the EBU found that HDTV was a sure-fire winner in a 2008/2009 study. It showed lower stress, more program retention, and more accurate program retention. However he noted there is no such study yet for 3D and feels strongly that one should be undertaken.

“3D will never die,” he said.  “It keeps coming back like a politician’s promise. Every 25 years it comes back, for a while… if it ever will succeed, the time is now; the quality is so good. But is that enough? We owe it to ourselves to research the economics and behavioral issues.” From my perspective that’s sound advice….

Mr Wilt also has some pictures on his blog to show some of the the technology he saw;

ARRI Relativity grain removal on a Super16mm frame. Relativity is ARRI’s software suite for de-graining, re-graining, frame rate conversion, etc.

ARRI Alexa digital cine camera.

Again I credit Adam Wilt’s blogpost over at the ProVideo Coalition http://bit.ly/bUGaWu which has a lot more of his observations.

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