Cutting The Cable TV Cord

Rising Cable costs increasing the cutting of the cable cord that will bring a renaissance in over-the-air broadcasting.

Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile, Fujitsu, AMD, eBay, Intuit, Oracle and Yahoo Defend Canada’s Copyright Laws

Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile, Fujitsu, AMD, eBay, Intuit, Oracle and Yahoo defend Canada’s copyright laws. Report remind U.S. officials that Canadian copyright law is more protective of creators than the U.S. in some respects, including the existence of moral rights and the limitations of fair dealing when compared to the U.S. fair use provision.

Canadian Association Of Broadcasters Soon To Be No More

Canadian Association Of Broadcasters To Shut Down.

Panasonic to unveil portable P2 media storage unit at NAB 2010.

Panasonic Broadcast will unveil the AG-MSU10 P2 media storage unit, a portable workflow tool that simplifies the process of backup or aggregating P2 content to a larger, removable solid-state drive, at the 2010 NAB Show.

Announced in February, the storage unit provides fast, stable transfer of data and removes the need for computers or larger, more expensive appliances in the field to free up P2 cards for additional shooting.

The MSU10 has a small form factor with two slots: one for a P2 card and the other for the AG-MBX10 removable housing that encloses a standard 2.5in SATA solid-state drive. Equipped with USB 2.0 and eSATA connectors, the drive can be connected to PCs and Macintosh computers.

Text Messages Now Double The Number Of Telephone Call In The U.S.

Between 2008 and 2009, U.S. mobile users sent 1.3 trillion text messages almost double the 660 billion calls they made.

Google Overtakes Coke in Brand Recognition

Google overtakes Coke in global battle of the brands. US internet giant Google has muscled in on another American heavyweight, Coca-Cola, as one of the world’s leading brands.

Reports Of Gordon Lightfoot’s Death Started As A Twitter Prank

Reports of Gordon Lightfoot’s death, that started as a Twitter prank, were premature according to his publicist.