Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 To Be Shown At NAB 2010 Features New “Mercury” Playback Engine

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 features new “Mercury” playback engine, native 64 bit, multicore and GPU-acceleration released at NAB 1010.

Mind Controlled Television

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RED Digital Releases “Modular Storage Solution” At NAB 2010

RED Digital releases “RED Station”, a modular storage unit, at NAB 2010.

James Gosling Calls It Quits….

Java co-creator James Gosling is saying goodbye to Oracle just a few months after it acquired Sun Microsystems.

Get Ready For KansasFest 2010, Apple II Forever

Registration opens for KansasFest 2010, the premiere Apple II convention that operates to this day.

Silicon Imaging Unveils New SI-2K 2.0 At NAB 2010

Silicon Imaging unveils new SI-2K 2.0 at #NAB.The new camera shoots both HD and 2K cinema-quality RAW images.


The memristor is the fourth element in integrated circuitry. Scientists are discovering the mathematic equations used to govern memristors are similiar to those which govern synapses in the brain.In addition, memristors do not “forget” the voltage charge channeled through them. This will yeild several billion-fold times the capacity/performance than current hard drives. That, however, is just one of the multitude of products yet to utilize this incredible new component.

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End Of Video Game Consoles

Hideo Kojima, a famous video game creator, sees the future of digital entertainment without game consoles.

How Your Mind Can Be Examined!

Intel recently demonstrated software that can tell–under very controlled circumstances–what a person is thinking by reading brain waves. The chipmaker has been working with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh to develop software and an interface to convert brain waves scanned from MRIs into something recognizable by computers.

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Surround Vision Technology In The Labs At MIT

MIT’s Media Labs students say they have developed technology that would let viewers interact with what they’re watching, or at least choose to see more than what is being shown in front of them.

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