NAB 2010 – Editing Report …. Not Much News For Final Cut Pro Users But Avid Media Composer 5 Joins The Rest Of The Quicktime World

AVID Media Composer 5 

Avid Media Composer 5 can now read native quicktime files allowing for better communication between it and Final Cut Pro. It can also input and export timelines to anf from Final Cut Pro. AVID users can take DnxHD files and use Media Manager in Final Cut Pro  to convert the files to Apple ProRes. This means AVID users can take advantage of software like Apple’s Colour for colour correction while still editing inside Media Composer 5. 

Captured ProRes footage in Final Cut Pro can now be sharedwith an Avid editor with no need to transcode the material. And vice versa, the Avid editor could capture the material in ProRes especially if they know the project is going to be shared with an FCP editor. New features video below; 

Final Cut Pro 

Other than reversing the Media Composer 5 news and indicating that Final Cut Pro Users can now take advantage of AVID’s software features, there were no official annoucements about Final Cut Pro at NAB 2010. However reader Alex J. emailed Steve Jobs asking about the future of Final Cut Pro. He wrote; 

Getting worried about Apple’s interest in Final Cut. Last updates were not stellar. I heard a bunch of engineers were dropped too – give us a sign you still care about Pro Video, not just the iPad.

According to the post Steve Jobs wrote back on April 13th and said; 

We certainly do.  Folks who left were in support, not engineering.  Next release will be awesome. 


Tim Dashwood and the Stereo 3D Toolbox  

If you are ready to start shooting in 3D and want want to edit 3D in Final Cut Pro Dashwood 3D plug-ins is probably what you need. In this interview Tim Dashwood talks in the video below about production and post workflows with stereoscopic video. Website at

Below is the video from the Final Cut Pro Supermeet at NAB 2010. To watch the Dashwood 3D session which really shows the capabilities of some of the items mentioned above please click here, select the 3D link on the video sidepanel and slide the start time to approx. 1:20. Oh yes and go full screen…. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Live Video Stream || Ninth Annual Las…“, posted with vodpod

Phonetic Search For Final Cut Pro 

One new plug-in for Final Cut Pro came from AV3 Software. It allowed for phonetic search in the video based on spoken audio. 

ARRI ALEXA Direct To Edit Demonstration 

One of the most talked about cameras at NAB was ARRI ALEXA. One of the things that made it popular was its direct to edit function for both AVID and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Video below; 

 Vericorder The Under $10 Editing Application For iPhone 

1st Video from Vericorder is a mobile video editor for the iPhone. According to HandHeldHollywood it looks and feels totally professional with a smooth interface is smooth and well thought out. It’s due to be released any day now, and will cost under ten dollars! 

Gradiest for Cineform First Light 

Clinton Torres is a developer who’s nearly finished with Gradiest, his color correction control surface. He’s designing it for use with Cineform’s First Light. Once he’s got that up and running, he plans to make his app compatible with other host applications like Apple’s Color. 

Matrox MXO2 mini and Avid Media Composer 

It”s hard to beleive that Matrox’s mini is the only certified piece of hardware for AVID that is not made by the company. Video below of it working with Media Composer 5. 

Lightworks Video Editor Goes Open Source 

It’s hare to beleive but Lightworks, one of the original non-linear editors was just released as Open Source on April 15 at NAB 2010. Academy® and Emmy® award-winning Lightworks was introduced in 1989 as the first and most advanced professional editing system on the market. 

Lightworks Is Coming To Open Source


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