NAB 2010 Camera Report – Traditional Video Cameras Move Into Other Dimensions and Beyond 4K

As is the norm at NAB the show is very popular to show the latest in cameras. And this year proved to be no exception. I’ve actually had to categorize cameras this year as traditional, meaning traditional television and film cameras, and DSLR’s, which were a huge scene at this years NAB.

Non DSLR Camera’s


One of the most anticipated and most talked about releases at NAB was ARRI Inc.’s ALEXA. One of its most talked about features is its direct to edit features for Final Cut Pro users. ARRI Inc.’s, Michael Bravin offers a quick glimpse of its revolutionary features in the video below.

Aaton Penelope Delta Offers Imaging Beyond 4K

One camera that got almost no press was from Aaton. Aaton was showing a working sensor prototype of a new camera, christened the Penelope. Its said it will it will capture “beyond 4K” in uncompressed RAW as well as AVID’s DNxHD to inexpensive media comprised of  raided 2.5″ SSD drives. The CCD is custom made for the camera by Dalsa and has dual 800/100 ISO sensitivity. The host of the video below talks about the cameras “Cat on the Shoulder” fit which is apparentlyunique to the manufacturer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Aaton Penelope Delta Offers Imaging B…“, posted with vodpod

Working RED EPIC camera demonstrated at NAB 2010

RED promised that it would be demonstrating a working RED EPIC camera at this year’s NAB show. EPIC is a 5k camera, and can be used in a whole range of different configurations from a small handheld setup for video or still photos, to a fully-outfitted camera rig suitable for a feature film.

Vodpod videos no longer available.Ted from RED Digital Cinema also gave an update in the update below. Note he started talking about compromizes productions make by shooting in 1080 and that 2K or 4K is the medium to be shooting in.

more about “Working RED EPIC camera demonstrated …“, posted with vodpod


Panasonic-Camcorder AG-3DA1 und AG-AF100

Panasonic formally introduced two now camera’s at the show. Probably most anticipated was its sing lens 3D Camcorder In the video report presents Joe Facchini before two of Panasonic camcorders: the functional stereo 3D equipment AG-3DA1 Start with planned delivery in September 2010 and the design of the proposed model for the future single-sensor Camcorders AG-AF100.

Panasonic gave Gamerlive.TV a good and detailed preview of the new Panasonic 3D professional camcorder in the video below..

Panasonic also gave Gamerlive.TV a good and detailed preview of the new Panasonic AG-AF100 Micro Four-Thirds Camcorder in the video below.

In the video below Panasonic shows its 3D technology line that includes a 3D switcher, Final Cut Pro and Quantel 3D editing  and distribution to both Blu-ray and to TV.


Since NAB and image has leaked out that SONY has an EX3 prototype 3D camera with changeable lenses. The camera appears to have been designed to compete with Panasonic’s 3D camcorder. According to Engadget the camarea is conprised of two PMW-EX3 studio cams into a single shell prototype. Each half contains three half-inch CMOS that stream 4:2:0 MPEG-2 video at 1080p to SxS memory cards at 35Mbps per eye. It’ll appatently also output  uncompressed 4:4:4 footage over a new pair of HD-SDI outputs. Engadet claims an industry-first 1.5-inch interocular distance is part of th camera design.

SONY EX3 Prototype 3D Camera

New Small Prototype SONY Digital Cinema Camera

During the SONY press conference there was a mention made of a new digital camera to be released next year. It was mentioned to be 35mm and is to be free of “firmware upgrades and workflow issues”. Video below;

One interesting camera from SONY is their new HXR-NX5U Camera. It has GPS capability… Video below;


Pace 3D Shadow System

Recieving very little press was this Pace Shadow System that has been designed for sports production. A camera operator can use a traditional 2D camera but mounted on the lens hoof is and equivelent 3D camera that shoots the same shot framed by by the 2D camera. The 3D cameras lens and zoom controls are locked to those used on the 2D camera.

Canon XF300 and XF305 HD Cameras

At NAB 2010 Canon went tapeless and in the video below Tim Smith shows the new Canon XF300 and XF305 HD cameras that record 1080p 4:2:2 in multiple frame rates and stores the files in Compact Flash (CF) cards. First video a quick overview…..

Second video more detail.

GOPRO – HD Hero POV Camera

One of the smash hits of NAB 2010 was the  GOPRO – HD Hero POV camera. Best way to get introduced to this $400.00 camera is with the videos below;

Vodpod videos no longer available.


360 Degree Camera

Just before I conclude this section and if 3D, 5K and POV cameras weren enough, how about 360 degree camera….. Video below;


Cambio Camera Carrier/Support System

My last video in this section is on the Cambio Camera Carrier/Support System by Petrol Bags.It’s a convertible equipment bag / camera support system that’s carry on sized. It’s a smooth-rolling camera carrier that transforms into a lightweight support system for small video camcorders.


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