NAB 2010 Report – Neat Stuff


SnapStream was demonstrating the World’s Largest DVR with the ability to record 50 TV channels at once. While the concept was impressive they also attached a storage and database system that allows one to keep all of those shows forever as long as you’re willing to buy the drives to plug into the system. In total, the storage capacity of the 50 channel unit is equivalent to 326 TiVo Premier boxes.

But what’s even more inpressive about this unit is it records the text from all of the closed captioning and logs it in a database allowing for search on all of the recordings in the system. One can search on specific words and almost instantly the system returns Google like links to where the subject is discussed. One can even export MPEG 4 clips fr later study. 

Link to the technology;

Video of search capabilities below;

Internet Connected TVs

How to get your widget on Interconnected TV Sets was one of the questions I had when I wnt out the door for NAB. I didn’t get any answers but I did come accross Opera who at lease had an SDK for the space. When I get some time I’ll have to put more time into looking into the subject.


iPad Control For Blackmagic’s Videohub

In the vide below you’ll see Blackmagic Design using an iPad to control their line of VideoHub routers.

iPad Prompter People at NAB 2010

Teleprompters adapt quickly and always show up as a neat item. Here the Prompter People demonstrate their iPad/iPhone prompter on the floor at NAB 2010.

 Harris’ Sports Venue Solutions at NAB 2010

Running a sports stadium today means operating more than a scoreboard. Digital signage that extends around and outside the stadium is best integrated right from the start. Here  Mike Arthur, General Manager of Sports and Live Events at Harris Broadcast Division, discusses how Harris is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions for a wide range of issues relevant to sports and live venue events.

 Hudzee Hard Drive Cases

Miss the ease of storing media created by Videotapes. These Hudzee Hard Drive Cases bring back the “look and feel” of tape.

 Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

The neatest new technology I came accross at NAB 2010 wasn’t at the show and –in fact– had nothing to do with media technology. On the Tuesday evening at NAB I stole away and took in a Las Vegas 51’s baseball game. I couldn’t beleive my eyes when I saw a bottom filling beer dispenser. It poured a perfect beer every time!

How does it work? Watch the first video and try to figure it out…. The second video shows you how it’s done….


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