NAB 2010 Report – Storage


RedRay from Red Digital plays back in very high fidelity at 4k at only 15Mb/sec


From Indie 2.0: “The Red Ray looks amazing. It’s big and being billed at the replacement for digital cinema servers (by Doremi, etc.). It plays back in very high fidelity at 4k at only 15Mb/sec, which is a lower datarate than standard def DVDs. Not sure how it works, but it’s some sort of amazing kickass compression. We say the proof, as apparently the Red reel we saw (which looked stunning on the 4K projector) was projected using Red Ray.”


Who said tape is dead? Pro-Cache5 was one of a few storage systems this year that featured LTO-5 tape storage.

Maxell iVDR

At NAB Maxell continued development of its iVDR stoage system. Maxell was showing it’s iVDR VC102 Direct-To-Disk Video Device. The device incorporates CitiDISK® Technology which converts the output of a digital video camera to a non-linear editing format. It then stores the editble format on an iVDR EX cartridge while allowing simultainously recording on the camera in its native format. The product handles MiniDV, DVCPro, P2, internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or XDCam and it converts the camera’s output to the following editing formats;

More details at:

Maxell also showed a Solid State Drive prototype of their iVDR cartridges.

LaCie NAB Show booth tour 2010 hard drive storage solutions

Cinedeck SSD Recorder

The CineDeck combines a small touchscreen monitor and a high quality recorder. It can record in Cineform, DNxHD, and uncompressed in various flavors of HD up to 1080 4:4:4. It’s also being developed to operate as a 3D recorder. The video below features Charles dAutremont, the developer of the CineDeck explaining its functionality.

Nano 3D

The nano3D,is a professional 3D-HD portable recorder/player.  It combines two nanoFlash recorders/players, and provides  fully-synchronized stereoscopic recording and playback. The video below explains the product.

Focus FS-T1001 Camera Mount XDCAM EX Recorder

The FS-T1001 Camera Mount XDCAM EX Recorder fits between the camera and battery system and interfaces with the camera’s HD-SDI port. The unit records XDCAM EX video directly to a removable SxS Pro or SxS-1 solid-state memory card.


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