Slashdot: Millions Of Cable Customers Switching Away From Cable

Cable customers are switching away from cable in droves as cable lost five million U.S. video customers from 2006 to 2009.


Disrupt 2010: Evolve or Die: The Evolution of Music, TV, Games and Publishing on Techcrunch Disrupt – live streaming video powered by Livestream

TechCrunch Disrupt kicked off this morning, with with Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr and DST’s Yuri Milner discussing the future of music, TV, games and publishing. Michael Wolf, Founder and Managing Director, Activate is leading the discussion with Sarah Chubb, President, Conde Nast Digital; Fred Davis, Founding Partner, CODE Advisors; John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte; and Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee.

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Echolab Gone!

Television production switcher company Echolab goes out of business after 36 years.

Introducing Google TV

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more about "Google TV", posted with vodpod

NAB 2010 Report – Overview

Rather than rewite a number of reports that have already been published on the Internet, I’ll provide links to them and highlight some of their relevant points.

Overview and Statistics…..

I thought a good online wrap-up of the was one that just followed the event and put together by the Toronto Section of the SMPTE. It starts with some statistics, includes a 3D primer and then it has three additional speakers who talk on their personal experiences at NAB and what they thought was relevant. The slides below came from the Toronto Section SMPTE meeting on NAB 2010 link;

Th 3D Thing….

If you heard anything about NAB you probably heard that it was loaded with 3D technology. A lot of that technology will show up in my posts on NAB. However the best report on the internet was published by Mark Schubin and its titled The Elephant in the Room: 3D at NAB 2010. The image and caption below is from that post and it really brings to light the number of 3D technologies that were at the show…


All-Mobile Video’s Epic 3D production truck

Inside The Epic Mobile Truck3D Camera Rigs Associated With 3D Truck3D Cameras For Truck

3D Cameras associated with the truck


There were integrated (one-piece) 3D cameras and camcorders, in various stages of readiness, from 17 different brands, both on and off the show floor

Beyond 3D Techology At NAB

From my perspective there was lots more than 3D at NAB. Before providing links to my posts on specific subject areas I’ll provide some images and captions of my impressions.

3D has come and gone over the history of the visual medium. However, Mobile Devices and Ineractivity are here to stay. Mobile may turn out to be the sleeping giant at NAB 2010.

I saw some strange mixtures of TV and mobile devices. Here a mobile device uses its built in camera to shoot a TV screen and provide interactivity!?

Collaborative Technologies such as Internet based video editing was another technology buried in the background. One new element was instant text based language translation shows promise as something that can assist global post production strategies.

4K 35mm Film Scanners are starting drop dramatically in price

Live 4K 3D - JVC slimmed down their LIVE 4K video camera's for 3D use


Real Time 4K Software Compression To 25Mbps!

3D everywhere including mobile media.

Emgergence of USB 3.0

Blackmagic Designs were showing a number of new technologies built on USB 3.o

Blackmagic Designs were showing a number of new technologies built on USB 3.o

Blackmagic Designs were showing a number of new technologies built on USB 3.o

Blackmagic Designs were showing a number of new technologies built on USB 3.o

Blackmagic Designs were showing a number of new technologies built on USB 3.o

Wired 3D Shutter Glasses.... No Way...

Master Image's Planar 3D (no glasses) Display (Autostereoscopic 3D LCD) Caught My Attention

Solid State Drives Are The Future Medium Of Storage As Evidenced By This SSD 3D Field Recorder

NAB 2010 ws the beginning of the end of the 2/3" CCD as the "broadcasters" measure of quality for video cameras.

3D Enhancement Of Imagery Driven by Military, Google Earth and GPS Technology Are Creating Images Like We've Never Seen Before.

Camera Stablization On A Jeep

I spent a lot of time at NAB 2010 learning about Mobile DTV (Mobile M/H)

With the introduction of ATSC M/H and Internet Connected TV Sets, there is little doubt now the future of TV and TV content will include web based enhancments. Much of the future of NAB will be in this area.

Advances In Low Latency Encoders Allow For Real Time Video Feeds On Standard Computer Networks


3G for newsgathering... In this case video from a reporters iPhone

180 3D Demonstrator Camera by Fraunhofer

My Report on NAB 2010

My reports on on NAB 2010 have been broken down as follows and can be accessed by the various links…

  1. Traditional Video Cameras Move Into Other Dimensions and Beyond 4K
  2. DSLR Camera Accessories… NAB 2010′s Untold Story
  3. Not Much News For Final Cut Pro Users But Avid Media Composer 5 Joins The Rest Of The Quicktime World
  4. LED Lighting Steals The Show
  5. Two New Transmission Technologies Allow New Ways To Go Live
  6. Software
  7. Production Switchers
  8. Storage
  9. Neat Stuff
  10. Overview


NAB 2010 Report – Storage


RedRay from Red Digital plays back in very high fidelity at 4k at only 15Mb/sec


From Indie 2.0: “The Red Ray looks amazing. It’s big and being billed at the replacement for digital cinema servers (by Doremi, etc.). It plays back in very high fidelity at 4k at only 15Mb/sec, which is a lower datarate than standard def DVDs. Not sure how it works, but it’s some sort of amazing kickass compression. We say the proof, as apparently the Red reel we saw (which looked stunning on the 4K projector) was projected using Red Ray.”


Who said tape is dead? Pro-Cache5 was one of a few storage systems this year that featured LTO-5 tape storage.

Maxell iVDR

At NAB Maxell continued development of its iVDR stoage system. Maxell was showing it’s iVDR VC102 Direct-To-Disk Video Device. The device incorporates CitiDISK® Technology which converts the output of a digital video camera to a non-linear editing format. It then stores the editble format on an iVDR EX cartridge while allowing simultainously recording on the camera in its native format. The product handles MiniDV, DVCPro, P2, internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or XDCam and it converts the camera’s output to the following editing formats;

More details at:

Maxell also showed a Solid State Drive prototype of their iVDR cartridges.

LaCie NAB Show booth tour 2010 hard drive storage solutions

Cinedeck SSD Recorder

The CineDeck combines a small touchscreen monitor and a high quality recorder. It can record in Cineform, DNxHD, and uncompressed in various flavors of HD up to 1080 4:4:4. It’s also being developed to operate as a 3D recorder. The video below features Charles dAutremont, the developer of the CineDeck explaining its functionality.

Nano 3D

The nano3D,is a professional 3D-HD portable recorder/player.  It combines two nanoFlash recorders/players, and provides  fully-synchronized stereoscopic recording and playback. The video below explains the product.

Focus FS-T1001 Camera Mount XDCAM EX Recorder

The FS-T1001 Camera Mount XDCAM EX Recorder fits between the camera and battery system and interfaces with the camera’s HD-SDI port. The unit records XDCAM EX video directly to a removable SxS Pro or SxS-1 solid-state memory card.

NAB 2010 Report – Production Switchers

Once again NAB had a few switchers in a suitcase.

NewTek at NAB 2010

NAB 2010 saw a demonstration of NewTek’s TriCaster™ model TCXD850. It’s the latest addition to the TriCaster line of high definition (HD) portable live production systems. ofering a 22-channel switcher, with eight HD or standard definition (SD) digital or analog inputs, two DDRs, titles, stills, two network inputs and eight virtual/mix channels.

If you miss(ed) Kiki Stockhammer at the show the video below features “Elvis” Kiki and updates you on all things NewTek for 2010. 


MONOGRAM’s BCC/Broadcast case is a compact and portable full featured live HD and 3DHD television production and broadcasting tool. The system provides 12 parallel inputs, 8 of which are camera/video inputs. Supported are camcorders ranging from the simplest ones with composite output, to professional SD-SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI. The BCC/Broadcast Case provides a choice of scene setups – prepared broadcast scenes, with animated video clips, jingles and sounds to enhance the production.

The BCC/Broadcast Case with its compact and integrated interconnection, power supply system, Tally and Intercom is a perfect tool for production of live broadcasts even in demanding or impossible conditions for any other existing system. At the same time it offers a never before seen ease of operation and the greatest creative freedom. The BCC/Broadcast case is highly portable and fast. It can be put to work in less than 5 minutes.

REMO PTZ Flypack

The REMO Remote Production System allows for PTZ camera control integration. The unit allows preset links to graphic overlays, rugged portability, fast setup and strike.