33 Products Worth Noting From InfoComm 2010

Table Top Interactivity Made Easy
  1. E-Beam  – The eBeam Edge for Education. About the size of a board eraser and lighter than a box of chalk, the eBeam Edge for Education is the most fully-featured mobile interactive whiteboard system on the market. eBeam Edge for Education has rich curriculum resources built right in to make lesson planning easy. Installation takes minutes and requires no special tools. The portable unit works with standard projectors and both Windows® and Macintosh® computers. Affordable and eco friendly, the eBeam Edge integrates seamlessly with existing applications- http://www.luidia.com
  2. Tekvox Security System– TekSecurity is a low cost addition to a TekMonitor system and includes a theft deterrent device that lets a would be thief know that the display is under security. If the device is disconnected from a TekMonitor, an Email is sent immediately to security.  – http://tekvox.com/
  3. MONOBLOX Mobile Show Projection Screens –  MONOBLOX employs a time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame. This system is excellent for applications which require the frame to be set up as easily and quickly as possible. Individual parts cannot get lost or be mixed up. –  http://www.avstumpfl.com/
  4. DSAN Perfect Cue Mini – uses RF to advance power point slides – www.dsan.com
  5. Avio iP-01UE DLP Office ProjectorBy simply placing a document or a solid object on the glass surface of iP-01UE, clear image can be projected onto a screen. Even small letters of a magazine or a newspaper can be projected crisp and clear. Because a document or a solid object can be projected by simply placing them on the projector, operation can be easily made without a PC. http://www.avio.co.jp/english/products/projector/lineup/ip-01ue/index.html
  6. Nu•vu•rite™ Projectable Dry Erase Wall Coverings –Nu•vu•rite™ is a multipurpose presentation wallcovering that combines the features of a high-quality projection screen with the advantages of a large, virtually seamless writing surface. Engineered with patented “bi-directional” lenticular embossed vinyl, nu•vu•rite provides superior projection and wide-angle viewing with virtually no image falloff. Dry erase film enables the use of dry erase markers. The nu•vu•rite surface is 95% projection screen and 5% dry erase writing surface. http://walltalkers.com/products/nu-vu-rite.asp
  7. Marshall Ethernet Digital Signs
  8. RM epad  – RM ePad is  a portable wireless tablet  designed specifically for schools. – http://rmepad.com/
  9. MagicBox Inc RoomRoster– Room Scheduling and Power Over Ethernet Display for Digital Signage – http://www.magicboxinc.com/products/roomroster/index.html
  10. Trumedia Digital Signage Audience Measurementhttp://www.tru-media.com/
  11. Epochal Control System – Asian Pro control systems is a new line of control system products sold for the first time ever in the United States. – www.asianproav.com 

    Programable Controller Uses Multiple Methods To Control Devices

  12. SI28 Quad Digital Signage Platform –  The SI-28 supports four independent HDMI outputs at up to 1080p display resolutions. Combined with an AMD Athlon X2 (dual-core) or X4 (quad-core) CPU, its ATI E4690 GPU is equipped with 320 stream processor cores and 512 MB of GDDR3 video memory. The comprehensive I/O set also includes four USB 2.0 ports, two COM ports, analog audio and an integrated Gigabit LAN interface. – http://www.ibase-i.com.tw/2009/newssi28.html
  13. 10.2” Finger Touch Tablet PC BEUP Windows Touchpad

    The Windows/Linux iPad Alternative

  14. Twitter Profanity Remover for Digital Signagehttp://ins.insteo.com/display-overview.html
  15. Tightrope Media Systems Room Scheduling Softwarehttp://www.trms.com/signage
  16. Smartdesk PowerFlorhttp://www.smartdesks.com/raised-access-floor-systems-VDV-IBS-integrated-building-systems.asp

    Smart Simple Solution For Raised Flooring

  17. Optical Touch IR Screen – instantly converts any standard monitor (LCD & CRT) or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device at a very affordable cost. – http://www.magictouch.com/addon.html
  18. View Touch – DIY Interactive Whiteboard – View Touch TM (patent pending).  This virtual input device controls the mouse functions using a light source, such as laser pointer, and image recognition technology.  This unique invention breaks the boundary of size limitation for touch-interactive applications.  It is indeed one-size-fits-all, and thus provides the most economical way of creating a user-friendly input device for large-screen displays.  The View Touch (TM) is obviously very suitable for presentation, promotion, gaming and virtual reality type applications, the developers will soon find it useful for many more conventional and unconventional applications. – http://www.magictouch.com/ViewTouch.html
  19. EZTouch Window – Thru-Glass Touch Screen for Shop Windows – http://eztouchcorp.com/product.php?brand_id=2&pID=10
  20. Tatung Triview LCD Banner Monitors
  21. VGO
  22. Wowza Media Server – is the world’s first platform that lets you stream from one H.264 encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. It unifies the multi-protocol, multi-player H.264 streaming into a single workflow, eliminating the need for multiple player-specific encoders and servers. And Wowza Media Server 2 delivers all that at an unbeatable price — 75% less than the single-protocol Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS) or Microsoft Windows Server® with IIS. – http://www.wowzamedia.com/
  23. www.3dtv.jp
  24. ZVPro 250 1080p QUAM Modulator -A combination HD encoder and RF modulator in a 1RU package, ZvPro 250 makes it affordable to create an HDTV channel and distribute it over simple-to-use COAX wiring to every on-premise HDTV. Our best video procesor enables 1080P and 1080i encoding for an unsurpassed viewing experience. – http://www.zeevee.com/commercial/zvpro250
  25. Panasonic TH-152UX1 152” 4K Plasma TVhttp://gadgets.softpedia.com/news/Panasonic-Unveils-152-inch-4K-x-2K-TH-152UX1-Full-HD-3D-Plasma-Display-10176-01.html
  26. Screen Works EZ Fold Screenshttp://www.thescreenworks.com/products/ezfold.htm
  27. 3D AVROVER – The 3DRover is a complete portable, yet rugged 3D AV system with all of its components securely mounted inside. The system, the newest in the line of AVRover systems, is built in a rugged, sleek-looking, powder-coated, scratchresistant steel console. BenQ introduces the newest and most sophisticated 3D technology available on the market. The active DLP-Link glasses coupled with BenQ’s unique 3D processor blows away the older 3D solutions you may have seen in theaters – http://www.avrover.com/100.html
  28. Sony Camera Integration Kitswww.soundcontrol.net
  29. Business Machine Security – Single Stud Wall Arm and iLoc for iMac. The maximum tray lock for the iMACG5 is designed specifically to conform to and protect all vital attachment points. Easy to use and installation is quick. – http://www.locdown.com/applemaximumsecurity.htm
  30. Fender Passport 150 and 500 http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0694401000 
  31. Small FM Transmitterwww.1800fm.com
  32. Yamaha PJP-10UR Audio Conferencing – Personal pocket size Web conference microphone speaker – http://bit.ly/b7UOt8
  33. Bose – L1 Compact – Portable Line Array System – http://bit.ly/SvODe 

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