How I Set Up My Raspberry PI – Lesson 1 Get A Good Power Supply

If you’re reading this blog post you probably already know what a Raspberry Pi is. And I’m going to assume that you already know there are literally hundreds of postings that instruct one how to set these units up. Because of the sheer amount of data available, that makes it difficult for the novice, I decided that I would document the information I used specifically in getting my Raspberry Pi’s operational.

Lesson 1 – Get A Good Power Supply For Your PI

Blackberry Power Supply that met basic specifications but DID NOT work with my Raspberry Pi

When I got my PI I purchased it with no accessories. Prior to discovering Creatron in Toronto, (Creatron has a well stocked selection of Raspberry Pi’s and accessories) I purchased a Blackberry power supply that claimed to meet the basic specifications (Model B: 5V dc, 700-1200mA with no devices connected) required by the PI. However as it turned out the unit pictured above did not supply power consistently and upon obtaining a good power supply I discovered that even the USB cable had problems when connected to my good power supply. Lesson learned, a video below on the subject and if you’re in the Toronto area, Creatron stocks these AidaFruit power supplies in their retail store.


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