Project Glass: One day…


Introducing Google Now

Move Over Mötley Crüe – The Raspberry Pi Controlled FireHero 3 Will Blow You Off The Stage

For putting on a live pyrotechnic show check out the FireHero 3 which shoots remotely controlled flames up to 100 feet in the air.

The system is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. A server runs on the Pi and allows a remote computer to control the system. The Pi sends commands over serial to the Arduino, which switches solid state relays that actuate the valves. Vaporized propane creates the fireballs.

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Game Building Tools Coming Soon To Your $35 Raspberry PI

A demonstration of how programming can make building quicker and easier in Minecraft: Pi Edition.

EyeTV Mobile brings free TV to your iPad and iPhone

Mobile DTV Commercial

Raspberry Pi Camera Network Demo

Raspberry Pi streaming 1080p video over the network for playback on PC.