Lesson 3 – How I set up my Raspberry Pi to send Command Line E-mail and Save Everything that gets typed In my Terminal

After I got my Raspberry Pi connected to the Internet the next thing I set out to do was to be sure to document as much of what I was learning as possible. This meant finding a way to capture all of the text printed on my command line interface via the terminal. Fortunately Linux has the script command. In a nutshell script makes typescript of terminal session as a text file. Once created I can e-mail myself a copy that textfile which I can edit and post to my blog. Fun stuff. So there are two things one needs to do in this post, learn how to use the script command and learn how to install mutt which is a command-line tool mutt has a well-deserved reputation as a powerhouse of an email client.

To achieve this I recommend following the following two blog posts to install Mutt


To understand how the linux script command works, the following post is pretty straight forward.



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