Back In The Raspberry Pi Business Today. Starting To Port My Python Based Jukebox To Wheezy

Spent most of last evening booting up my Raspberry Pi’s that I got last year. My plan is to see how well my Python based Convergence Jukebox will run on a Pi. It was written on a Windows PC (and is now in a field beta test) using Python 2.7. The only python module employed in the code specific to Windows is the mp3 player module. As far as I can tell if I can replace that player module with something that will run on the Pi it should be a relatively simple port. However as I discovered over the last year in both learning Python and writing a Jukebox from scratch nothing much was actually “simple”.

Just wanted to mention that one of the first things I set up was a remote desktop from my Mac based Windows “Paralleled” desktop to my Raspberry Pi. I followed Remotely Accessing the Raspberry Pi via RDP – GUI Mode and it worked well. One thing to keep in mind the remote desktop software (called RDPDesk) for Windows is now downloaded from


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