Easy C In Ubuntu

C Program Creation Explained Simply And Quickly.

Remember % is the Unix system prompt. Ubuntu’s system prompt is different. Linux is different than Unix in running a compiled C program. One must place a ./programname in order for the program to run in Linux.

From http://courses.cms.caltech.edu/cs11/material/c/mike/lectures/C_lecture_1.pdf

  1. Go to terminal.
  2. In your home directory make a directory called ctests (mkdir ctests).
  3. Go to ctests directory. (cd ctests)
  4. Make hello.c text file. (sudo nano hello.c)
  5. Add hello world text. (Find it at Slide 7 http://courses.cms.caltech.edu/cs11/material/c/mike/lectures/C_lecture_1.pdf)
  6. Save file and compile it (Find it at Slide 8 http://courses.cms.caltech.edu/cs11/material/c/mike/lectures/C_lecture_1.pdf)
  7. Run the compiled program by typing ./hello



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