Global and Local Variables In Python

This is my first original post in some time. I’ve spent the last two weeks bringing my Convergence Jukebox code up to PEP 8 standards. I had written my original Jukebox code as I was learning to code in Python. in the past few months, when I tried to work with it, I found it difficult because it was a bunch of what is know as spaghetti code 

One way to cure the spaghetti code problem in Python is to break the code up into small blocks and place them into functions. However in Python learning to working with lists, variables and functions took some doing for me.

Rather than write (yet another) long tutorial –there are many of them on the internet and they are very confusing– I found the following videos short, concise and very well done in explaining how variables, scopes and lists work across functions in Python.



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