Kivy For The Non Computer Scientist – A Compendium Of Blog Posts To Date.



Earlier today I post my 18th blog post relating to what I have learned about Kivy. I thought it would be good at this time to provide a compendium of them in one place.

Here they are:

Part 1: Making It Simple

Part 2: Concepts To Get A Handle On

Part 3: Kivy’s Hello, World! Examined

Part 4: A Little About Kivy’s Screen Layouts

Part 5: Making A Kivy Button Do Something

Part 6: Code Cleanup And Kivy Convention

Part 7: Simple Checkbox Code

Part 8: Adding A Checkbox Label

Part 9: Dynamic Checkbox Labels

Part 10: KV Language

Part 11: Using KV Language To Set Widget Text Size, Text Position And Text And Button Colours

Part 12 – KV Language – Switching Between Kivy GUI Screens

Part 13: Creating More Complex Kivy GUI’s Using Nesting And KV Language

Part 14: Button Presses That Update Labels And Change Screens Using KV Language.

Part 15: Interacting With Python

Part 16: Reading Text From Kivy Buttons Created In KV Language For Use In Python Code.

Part 17: Making Natural Looking GUI’s Using Kivy’s Float Layout.

Part 18: How To Create Multi-screen Applications Using KV Language Then Update Individual Screens.



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