Brad Fortner, Convergence Communications – Having retired following a thirty-five year career at Ryerson University, I recently developed and open sourced the Convergence Music System which is a computer based “retro” style jukebox through my company Convergence Communications . To complete this project I learned and coded the entire project in the Python Computer Language. You can access the project, including its source code via http://www.convergencejukebox.com and https://github.com/bradfortner.

I’m now in the midst of reprogramming the Convergence Jukebox GUI using KIVY and will later take the music engine from the jukebox to work on a concept called “Convergence Radio”. It’s a virtual radio station concept that uses nothing but internet based resources to automatically generate spoken and play pre-recorded content.

I’m also volunteering at the Fraternal Order Of Eagles in Toronto where I was elected as the Aerie Secretary for a second two year term. I also play darts in Toronto’s Queen Street Dart League and I am a member of Toronto’s Life Institute that operates out of Ryerson University.

I continue to pursue my interests related to graphic design and computer programming. To enhance my lifetime of experience working on leading-edge communications technologies at Ryerson, I recently completed Graphic Communications Fundamentals at Toronto’s Centennial College and completed my Digital Media Certification at OCAD University.

Of late I have become a walker, exercising by walking 23 miles a week on average.


3 Responses

  1. Perhaps you can assist me. I am looking to purchase Final Cut Studio. I need a version with Final Cut Pro 5. The person I am working with has this release and I do not want to get Pro 6 and end up with compatibility issues when exchanging files.


  2. Don,

    Perhaps you can find someone who can sell you a used copy…


  3. Brad:
    I want to set up a wordpress site, displaying video like yours does-any advice you’d be willing to share?

    David Hill

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