Best Band In A Box Tutorial

Over the past couple of years I’ve been focusing on learning how to play guitar. At the the start of the year I obtained Band In A Box software. It basically provides custom back up music to music one creates. Been struggling to use it because everything I watched online to get started is long winded and filled with musician lingo. In 15 minutes this video shows one enough to start noodling with the software. Glad I found it.

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Have a look and listen at the new official song of the US Space Force, “Blast Off With The Space Force!”.

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Colin James

Great article about a great musician.

Russ & Gary's "The Best Years of Music"

By Gary:

Fellow Bloggers:  You will have to indulge me for writing this post. Unfortunately most people outside Canada have never heard of this artist.  I first heard him 30 years ago and was totally hooked.  His roots are Blues from the Delta but he can Rock it with the best.  He is also one of the most underrated Guitar Players of our time, trust me the man can play.  He was born in Regina Saskatchewan in 1964 and got his big break when Stevie Ray Vaughn had him on his tour.  They became friends, he started to get noticed and it started to happen.  He did it all as an unknown guitar player from Regina.  I hope this post turns more of our bloggers around the world on to

  BURNABY August 06 2016. Colin James performs on the main stage of the Burnaby Blues + Roots festival 2016…

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