Red Will Reveal SCARLET! Will SONY Release the F35 4K Camera? Cooke Has Packaged RED Lenses. But What is Panasonic Going To Do? Will All Be Revealed At NAB 2008????

CINE ALTAI’ve been spend time over the last two weeks preparing my annual trip to the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB). For those who have never been to the show it’s where all the latest and greatest technology surfaces related to the various aspects of broadcasting. Over the past few years the show has become much more production oriented from a content creation perspective. With the emergence of 4K digital Cinema camera’s (aka RED Digital One, DALSA etc.) over the past year and a growing interest from the broadcast community on mobile media these will be the two area’s I’ll be focusing on at NAB. Don’t be surprised if you see a deluge of postings on this blog about NAB over the next week as I prepare for my annual sojourn.

Since Digital Cinema (4K) is on my list I’ve discovered that last November SONY announced an agreement with OMNIBUS JAPAN Inc. to supply Sony’s high-end “F23” line of “CineAlta” digital cinema cameras, as well as the “F35” newly launched in Japan. I’ve found a number of obscure references to it on the Internet and it appears that this new member of SONY’s CineAlta family will shoot on an imager that matches a 35mm film frame….

On another front the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, another Digital Cinema camera manufacturer, has posted that it plans to reveal details about “Scarlet”, a pocket professional digital cinema camera.

Red continues to garner a lot of “community” interest around their technology. Since the technology hit the street some months ago in Toronto everybody has been talking about the camera. I see that Cooke Optics has joined the revolution as it now offers The Cooke RED Set which is a special package of four S4/i lenses that offers a range of focal lengths from 15 to 100mm.

In reviewing the list of 2 and 4K camera manufacturers I don’t see Panasonic! I expect NAB will reveal more of the Digital Cinema story….