Sony’s Field Emission Technologies – FED technology worth watching closes its doors

According to an Engadget report SONY’s spinoff Field Emission Technologies is closing its doors. The company was youting the technology as a replacement for CRT monitors used in high end broadcast and film for critical evaluation. The technology had actually captured some buzz amongst the TV and Film engineering community.

Don’t know what the future of the concept is so if it’s a RIP scenerio I’ve included a couple of video’s on FED technology below;



NAB 2008 – Neat and New Report

NHK’s UltraTV Booth

Perhaps the most interesting in the “Neat and New” category at NAB had to be in NHK’s UltraTV booth. Based on next generation 8K camera, imaging and display technology this format is Japans replacement for HDTV. Below is an overview video of many of the technologies in NHK’s UltraTV booth.

Below is a video that explains the camera technology.

The 8K Ultrahigh Speed Camera operates at 10,000 frames/sec and they claim it can reach 1 Million Frames/second. The exploding water balloon video in slow motion really demonstrated the power of this camera. Video below.

The video below explains the CCD technology behind how this camera obtains its high frame rate.

The video below explains how the HARP high sensitivity camera works and the demonstration.

On the display end of this system 22.1 surround sound is employed and to get the resolution NHK demonstrated how standard displays can be combined to deliver the required resolution. Video below.

Other interesting things found in the NHK’s UltraTV booth included great shots of bee’s in flight shot at 8000 frames per second, 8K streaming media encoded into H.264 @ 128Mbps and the Earth Rise/Set High Definition images recorded on board the Japanese Lunar Satellite Selene orbiting the Moon. Below is a video that shows the a scale mock up of the lunar orbiter, the HDTV camera, information on how it was accomplished and some of the images shot.

Below is the online video taken of both the Earthrise and the Earthset

Spider Support Systems Portable Tripod Riser

Falling into the neat category the Spider Support Systems Portable Tripod Riser looks very useful. Below is a video of how it works.


BUGTV showed their ingest server that’s tied into Apples Final Cut Server and employing Livecut, BUGTV has connected the power of these three applications into a live switch environment. BUGTV’s ingest engine can record all cameras feeds using Final Cut Servers asset management. Later, by employing Livecut, camera switches can be reconfigured to cover up any missed switches or to bring back missed shots.

Field Emission Displays

Field emission displays (FED) are a flat panel display that employs field emitting cathodes to activate phosphor coatings as the light emissive medium. Field emission displays are similar to cathode ray tubes, however they are only a few millimeters thick. FED’s are seen as the likely replacement for CRT monitors for broadcast and potentially digital cinema use. A lot of manufacturers are working with this technology and the prototypes are finding their way to NAB’s floor. The video below provides some background to nano-Spindt FED Flat Panel Screens.

Example Video – Desert School Bus on Field Emission Display at NAB2008 (Below)

Fraunhofer IIs

Fraunhofer IIs normally sets the standard for what’s new at NAB. This year their booth featured real-time facial identification software that could identify multiple faces and a number of parameters relating to the state of the person identified. Below is a video of the technology.

Fraunhofer’s 3D Reconstruction Detection Technologies was truly the star of the booth. Employing a single digital SLR camera and a mirror arrangement, a single photograph can be resolved into a 3D model by the software. Below is a video shot at NAB 2008 that shows both of these technologies in action followed by an interview conducted at CEBIT 2008.


VoiceQ showed a neat ADR tool that allows one to line up dialogue and audio waveforms on a plasma monitor to speed up the process.

1 Beyond’s GoFlex317™ HD Laptop

1 Beyond’s GoFlex317™ HD is the industry’s first laptop capable of High Definition level performance. It contains a RAID 5 hardware controller and a minimum of 3 drives. this configuration has previously been unavailable in a laptop. It contains the latest NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX PCI-Express video card with 512MB and can contain up to 600 GB of high-performance storage. In may ways this laptop is superior to many desktop workstations.

Digital Video Binloop

For multiple displays the Digital Video Binloop is the tool. It provides 16 tracks of high bitrate MPEG2 video that can be synchronized using time code. Video can be inserted into the unit on Compact Flash media.

Gefen HD Personal Video Recorder

Gefen was showing their new HD Personal Video Recorder. The unit allows media to be recorded and removed on SD flash memory devices or recorded on a built-in 80GB hard disk drive.

OLED Buttons

The Well Buying Industrial Company was showing their new OLED based switching buttons. These buttons allow live images to be placed on buttons that allow the actual camera images to be placed on a switcher’s buttons.

Sidewinder™ System

Telecast’s Viper 1 that includes reel-mounted Sidewinder™ system, handles a variety of signals on one fiber cable. Both systems are modular and provide two-way video (NTSC/PAL or HD/SDI), audio, intercom and data transport. These systems allow one to create a custom configuration of “Mussel Shell”, rack mounted “442” or reel-mounted modular units.