Guitar Hero For Nintendo DS

If you think the virtual Korg MS-10 that was designed specifically for the DS was a crazy idea… Think again! After selling $1 billion worth of games in its first 26 months, the popular Guitar Hero appears to be heading to the Nintendo DS. Players will interface with the DS using a Guitar Grip that comes with the game. It’s a shell-grip-controller-hybrid and fits in the GBA-Slot of the DS. This DS version looks kind of corny in action but if you check out the video below the players look no worse then DEVO … In fact some might say they even dress better!

Games On Linux, Small Linux Computer, Darwine and Walmart Drops Linux Computers From Stores

Wal-Mart Ends Store Sales of Linux PCs

Wal-Mart has stopped selling Linux-based PC in its stores because of customer response. However it will continue to sell the product online. Customer response to the US$199 Everex TC2502 Green gPC desktop was not as high as expected from Wal-Mart’s perspective while the manufacturer thought the sell-through was brisk.


One of the big knocks against Linux is its inability to play Windows games. PlayOnLinux is an open source Python-scripted front end that allows you to play Windows-only games. At the core of PlayOnLinux is Wine, a compatibility layer that lets you run many Windows programs over Linux. PlayOnLinux provides a front end for most Wine options to help you install, manage, and uninstall Windows-based games and applications.

Picotux and Darwine

  • Picotux is the smallest Linux Computer in the World.
  • The Darwine project intends to develop Wine that will allow Darwin and Mac OS X users to run Windows Applications.