Video Highlights From InfoComm 2009

I didn’t make the trek this year to InfoComm 2009 but as luck would have it I came across a stash of videos produced by rAVe [Publications]. It looks like high quality Laser Projection, lampless LED projectors, cheap 3D projection, LCOS projection, and low latency IP based H.264 could be part of the future. Here are the technologies that caught my eye;

ESLP 8K Laser Projector – Wow an 8K Projector… And It’s Laser!

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ClearONE’s Titan Media Cart – Portable Dual Monitor Workstation

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BenQ’s Complete Cart Solution for 3D Projection – Rollaround 3D!

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DLP’s 3D Ready Projector – Wow! More 3D….

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Projection Design F22 SX 3D Projector

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3D LED Scalable Displays – Forget The Projector……

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Canon Talks About Differences between LCD and LCOS Displays – Hmmm! What Is The Difference?

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Panasonics 65″, 85″, and 103″ Displays – New 85″ Display!

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DLP’s Lamp Free Projector – Look Ma No Lamps!

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DPI’s M-Vision LED Projector – No Lamps Again!!

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Coolux Media System – Solid Drive Speaker System – Look Ma No Speakers!

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Ovea: 3D Mouse – The Amazing Floating Mouse

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Pantel’s Outdoor Weather-Proof  TV – For When The Rain Comes

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3M Ten Finger Touch Screen System Developer Kit – For Those Of Us Who Have Ten Fingers.

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Uber Pan Multi-resolution Green Hippo Hippotizer – Best Product Name and Yes! It’s a Revolution in Multi-resolution.

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Electrosonic’s New JPEG2000 Player – Yes It Is DCI Compliant

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HaiVision Demonstrates Its MPEG4 AVC (H.264) Low Latency VideoFurnace – Finally Live 1080p Video Over A Network

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HaiVision Custom Bi-Directional Multistreem Codecs That Enable Two-Way Video over IP with Super Low Latency – Two Way Low Latency Video…. That Rocks….

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Kramer Electronic’s HDMI Switching System

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The complete collection of video’s (over 100) can be found at rAVe [Publications] rAVe Video site if you have a need for more video….


Interesting Infrastructure Components That Intrigue From NAB 2009

OK… I understand that nobody ever wants to pay for the Infrastructure components in a TV plant. However they are necessary components in today’s networked world so this blog post looks at some of the components I came across at NAB 2009.

Rushworks “The Bridge”

The Bridge from Rushworks

The Bridge from Rushworks

We’ll start with The BRIDGE because it is so cool. By purchasing the The BRIDGE, Rushworks claims you’ve purchase all of the technology for an entire television operation except for the transmitter(s). (I can go home now!)  In a nutshell, the BRIDGE   is a multicast automation and production console that controls up to four channels of SD/HD automation, source and program video/audio monitoring, input/output switching, graphics creation, video editing, encoding, and up to four channels of transport stream output with MUX and PSIP. The VDESK production system provides the BRIDGE to integrated automation, news and other program creation.

Newnex – FireNEX-CAT5™ S400

Newnex FireNEX-CAT5™ S400

Newnex FireNEX-CAT5™ S400

The Newnex FireNEX-CAT5 S400 is a 1394a repeater that works over over Cat5 Its is capable of sending IEEE1394 signals across a regular Cat5e cable at a data rate of 400 Mbps up to 65 meters in length. The device will work for both 1394a and 1394b signals at speeds up to 400 Mbps.

Mode-AL Media Walls Mounts

Mode-AL Monitor Wall Components

Mode-AL Monitor Wall Components

Monitor stacks are not something one really thinks about until they need them. Mode-AL’s product is nice because of its cable management features. Its mounting brackets were designed to allow for the removal of the screen with as little as 5mm clearance between the screens. The product also allows for “bank tilt” which allows a whole bank of screens to be tilted to the same angle.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design is one of those infrastructure companies that have rise so fast I thought I’d use some blog space to do a quick inventor of their products. What drew my attention to them is the company announced lower prices for their Intensity Pro, DeckLink SDI and HDLink Pro products.

Intensity Pro was reduced from $349 to $199 . Intensity Pro is an HDMI and high quality analog component and composite capture and playback card for videographers

HDLink Pro is now reduced from $795 to $495 with the original HDLink model discontinued. HDLink Pro has more features supporting 3Gbps SDI Dual Link, 3D lookup tables, and real time monitoring of 2K on a 30-inch LCD display


DeckLink SDI is now reduced from $395 to $295 . DeckLink SDI includes 10-bit SD/HD-SDI capture and playback, it has black burst/HD tri-sync reference input, and RS-422 deck control

Blackmagic announced Media Express 2.0 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms. Media Express is a video capture and playback software application compatible with all Blackmagic Design DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity products. For existing customers Media Express 2.0 will be available as a free download in June Blackmagic Designs website.

Blackmagic Design Studio Videohub

Blackmagic UltraScope

Blackmagic UltraScope

Evertz’s StreamLINK

Evertz’s StreamLINK encoders and decoders work with the IntelliTrak audio and video lip synchronization analyzer.

Tahoma MT HOOD 3G HDMI Extenders

Tahoma MT HOOD 3G HDMI Extenders

Tahoma MT HOOD 3G HDMI Extenders- They Cascade...

We’ve been working in the area of digital signage for the past year on a project that involves 1080p distribution. One product we came across that I wish I had of known about are these MT HOOD DVI-D Extenders with audio. They provide Full HD 1080p support, transport audio, they have built-in EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) simulation in the receivers, uses CATx or Fiber Cables but most importantly they have the ability to cascade units to extend length(s).

Matrox Veos Display Unit

Veos is a graphics extension product capable of delivering up to three channels of digital signage content from one system to many displays throughout small and large-scale venues.

Veos is a graphics extension product.

Another technology that assists in moving signals around is Veos. Veos is a graphics extension product capable of delivering up to three channels of digital signage content from one system to many displays throughout small and large-scale venues.

It works as follows;

  • The Veos Master unit connects to the computer, which recognizes it as an ultra-wide display with a resolution of 4080×768.
  • The Master unit uses the same Matrox patent-pending technology found in Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs) to divide this ultra-wide display into up to three unique channels (each 1360×768).
  • These channels are then transmitted via a single coax cable to Veos Display units attached to screens to display the content.
  • Capable of driving two screens each, Veos Display units can be toggled to show content from any of the transmitted channels and daisy-chained with virtually unlimited numbers of other Veos Display or Repeater units to branch and extend content across a wide variety of installations.

Avocent – HMX Digital KVM Over LAN

Avocent Broadcast KVM Extension and Switching

Avocent Broadcast KVM Extension and Switching

Avocent KVM Extension Over LAN is something a little different and its is more than a standard KVM extension system. Its called and HMX digital extension and it provides the ability to extend 1920 x 1200 DVI. It provides production engineers with the means to access and control all of the computers they are authorized to access from any HMX user station, while maintaining computing resources in an environmentally-controlled and secure equipment room.

HMX is built on TCP/IP standards, works over a  gigabit eithenet LAN and offers compressed CD quality audio transported from the computer to the user, it has USB redirection that allows standard USB keyboard and mouse peripherals to be extended from the computer over the network to the remote user, without the use of any computer drivers or software.

It extends keyboard, mouse, single or dual-DVI video, USB, and audio using standard TCP/IP protocols. The technology is comprised of three components – transmitters; receivers; and the HMX Manager for switching capability. Each component is assigned a unique IP address and connects via a single Cat6 cable.

The Digital Extension technology behind HMX allows for a Virtual USB channel that is provided to connect a non-standard human interface device, such as a Wacom tablet or non-linear editing peripherals to the computer.  A USB storage media device can also be attached to the user station is also extended to the computer over the network via the HMX Virtual Media channel.

Cluster Media live.means Engine

Cluster Media live.means Engine

Cluster Media live.means Engine - On the Fly Metadata

Cluster Media’s LiveMeans Engine is a product that incorporates Automated Media Analysis for content-based and semantic indexing. The technology identifies television and radio programming on the fly so that a smart segment could be up on web/mobile minutes after it airs. The engine monitors any television or online radio in real-time and automatically generates metadata from Live Broadcast ‘Feeds’. It then uses that metadata to publish online digital media content that is searchable.

ina Signature Fingerprinting Technology

This is an emerging area in content distribution. The ina-signature tools enable the detection and monetization of protected videos when they are uploaded onto web sites. If the signature of a video asset is computed by its rights holder, ina-signature will now automatically block or monetize copies on all sites using technology.  Also, only one signature is necessary in order to protect all international versions of the asset.

Clear-Com® Communication – I.V.Core technology

Clear-Com’s I.V.Core product is something worth noting from NAB. In a nutshell the technology routes only the audio actually needed, rather than all IP streams. This has the advantage of optimizing the use of bandwidth within a modern IP network. It enables one to combine separate intercom systems into a common communications environment along with other applications.

Other Items In This Category

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ATTO FireWire Cards

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Random Thoughts on Second Life, a Brain Mouse, Powerful Laptops and HDMI Soundcards

Once again I’m slightly changing how I post to this blog. I’m going to break the stories up into different postings so the material can be found by search engines and links.

Second Life

Researchers at Rensselaer’s Cognitive Science Department are trying to find ways to create lifelike synthetic characters, which act just like humans and would make it difficult for players to determine whether they are dealing with a real or simulated person. Currently they believe they are on the path to inventing a Second Life virtual character that has the reasoning abilities of a 4-year old.

GoFlex317 HD Laptop

Video editors have to check out the the quad-core laptop shown at the HD Expo in Beverly Hills this week. Made by 1 Beyond, the GoFlex317 HD uses a desktop Intel Q6600 quad-core processor to provide desktop-like performance. The 12 pound GoFlex317 HD is certified with Adobe Creative Suite 3, Avid Xpress Pro with MoJo, Grass Valley/Canopus Edius.

ASUS Shows HDMI Equipped Sound Cards

HDMI on a sound card does not seem useful without the video going along with it. This week ASUS showed HDMI equipped sound cards but the announcement was short on the exact details.

Brainwave Computer Interface

Interfaces are starting to appear that allow users to control their computer using their brainwaves. Emotiv Systems Inc.’s NEUROHEADSET appears to have been the first out of the box but this week OCZ showed a ‘brain mouse’ that they described as Neural Impulse Actuator for multi-core PCs.