Open Source Projects are Emerging that Promise to Improve the XO’s Capability as an e-book Reader

One Laptop Per Child As An ebook Reader

One Laptop Per Child As An ebook Reader

With the impending release of Amazon’s Kindle 2 e-book reader, its refreshing to see that efforts are underway to improve OLPC’s capability as an e-book reader.  According to WIRED’s “OLPC’s Hidden Killer App: Ultimate E-Book Reader“,  Walter Bender –who is now the head of Sugar Labs–  feels the OLPC is a great e-book and is a very “rugged Kindle”. He also makes a good point about the OLPC being a full fledged computer that allows for interaction with the text media where both SONY’s reader and the Kindle are strictly reading devices.

The article notes that “The Internet Archive currently has one million books available for free, and the nonprofit continues to add to its library at a rate of 1,000 books a day. There are also thousands of free books available through sites like, and”

The Amazing OLPC XO Laptop 2.0!

Nicholas Negroponte is at it again with his announcement of OLPC Laptop 2.0. He unveiled the new system that has two touch-sensitive displays. The XO-2 will be much smaller than the original machine –half the size– and will be constructed as a fold-able e-book form factor. It will employ dual indoor-and-sunlight displays and provide a right and left page vertically and a flat, two-screen surface for use in tablet mode. The XO-2’s power consumption will be 1 watt and the planned release is 2010. Video below;

Intel’s 2nd Generation Classmate PC (CMPC) Announced

Intel has announced its 2nd Generation Classmate PC (CMPC). These PC’s termed termed “Netbooks” are competitive models to the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) computers. Compared to Intel’s first Classmate PC they have enhanced features such as longer battery life, are more rugged, water resistant keyboards and provide good shock absorption. They are being made available in mature markets as well as emerging markets.