Open Source Big Buck Bunny Movie Released

The Amsterdam based ‘Blender Institute’ has released the short 3D animation movie ‘Big Buck Bunny‘. The 10 minute animated short is a comedy about a well-tempered rabbit “Big Buck”, who finds his day spoiled by the rude actions of the forest bullies, three rodents. In the typical 1950’s cartoon tradition Big Buck then prepares for the rodents a comical revenge. It follows a production period of over six months. According to Institue Director Ton Roosendaal the primary intent of the movie was to stimulate the development of open source 3D software demonstrating that the quality is what you would expect from large animation studios. The 1080p version that I downloaded played back beautifully on my iMac.

The movie differentiates itself mostly by its totally open character. Open source tools such as the 3D suite ‘Blender’ were used to create the movie and the movie itself – including all materials as used in the animation studio – are freely accessible for everybody to reuse, to learn from it or just to enjoy it. The promotion of Open Content creation and distribution is one of the main goals of the Creative Commons, the organization that created the ‘Creative Commons’ licenses, which have been widely adopted by artists, musicians, and other creative individuals who wish to freely share their creative endeavors.

Blender Institute in Amsterdam is one of the first companies worldwide exploiting Open Content professionally and commercially. Currently 14 people are working full-time in the Institute, wrapping up Big Buck Bunny and working on an Open Game based on the characters from the movie. The creative team for the movie were brought together by the Blender Institute from all over the world, including the USA, Denmark, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. The music has been composed by Jan Morgenstern, who also provided the sound track for the previous Blender production; “Elephant’s Dream”.