2018: Life on the Net…. A Video

This panel at Fortune Brainstorm titled “2018: Life on the Net” caught my interest. The 19 minute video (below) was moderated by Quincy Smith, CEO of CBS Interactive. On the podium was Lawrence Lessig, professor of Law at Stanford Law School, Joichi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons and Chairman of Six Apart Japan, and Philip Rosedale, founder and chairman of Linden Lab, (Second Life.)

Thoughts from panel included;

  • MIcro-payments not working
  • Media just starting to work
  • Ignorance within government on how Internet works leading to the application old style corrupt culture being applied to it
  • Government waiting for something bad to happen to the internet so they can come in and take control of it
  • Economy shifting in media production because of Internet
  • Influx of Money from Capitalism and Venture Capitalist can take stupid forms on the Internet
  • Concept of big centralized company will be less prevalent than it is today because of the collaborative and shared nature of the Internet
  • Government and Academic research will open up to be more Open Source
  • More 3D data and adoption of gaming style software interfaces

Enjoy ….brad….

Is this the future of a University?

If the prediction from Gartner Inc. is correct, then 80 per cent of Internet users and Fortune 500 enterprises will be participating in some type of virtual world. The Virtual World Design Centre at Loyalist College has been awarded the Colleges Ontario Innovation Award for 2008. As the first Canadian college to establish an on-line campus, Loyalist College in Second Life is recognized for the innovative learning opportunities it provides students. Loyalist College’s development in Second Life helps meet students’ demand for a new value equation that is significantly affecting the learning culture. Students are engaged in the learning process as active participants, collaborating to ensure content is timely, relevant and memorable. The role of the institution shifts from purveyor of information to facilitator.

Ohio University’s has a Second Life Campus as well. This video outlines its concept.


Random Thoughts on Second Life, a Brain Mouse, Powerful Laptops and HDMI Soundcards

Once again I’m slightly changing how I post to this blog. I’m going to break the stories up into different postings so the material can be found by search engines and links.

Second Life

Researchers at Rensselaer’s Cognitive Science Department are trying to find ways to create lifelike synthetic characters, which act just like humans and would make it difficult for players to determine whether they are dealing with a real or simulated person. Currently they believe they are on the path to inventing a Second Life virtual character that has the reasoning abilities of a 4-year old. http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/36402/98/

GoFlex317 HD Laptop

Video editors have to check out the the quad-core laptop shown at the HD Expo in Beverly Hills this week. Made by 1 Beyond, the GoFlex317 HD uses a desktop Intel Q6600 quad-core processor to provide desktop-like performance. The 12 pound GoFlex317 HD is certified with Adobe Creative Suite 3, Avid Xpress Pro with MoJo, Grass Valley/Canopus Edius. http://www.1beyond.com/products/GoFlex317HD.asp?search=laptops

ASUS Shows HDMI Equipped Sound Cards

HDMI on a sound card does not seem useful without the video going along with it. This week ASUS showed HDMI equipped sound cards but the announcement was short on the exact details. http://www.engadgethd.com/2008/02/28/asus-shows-off-hdmi-equipped-xonar-dx-and-xonar-av1-sound-cards/

Brainwave Computer Interface

Interfaces are starting to appear that allow users to control their computer using their brainwaves. Emotiv Systems Inc.’s NEUROHEADSET appears to have been the first out of the box but this week OCZ showed a ‘brain mouse’ that they described as Neural Impulse Actuator for multi-core PCs.