Is this the future of a University?

If the prediction from Gartner Inc. is correct, then 80 per cent of Internet users and Fortune 500 enterprises will be participating in some type of virtual world. The Virtual World Design Centre at Loyalist College has been awarded the Colleges Ontario Innovation Award for 2008. As the first Canadian college to establish an on-line campus, Loyalist College in Second Life is recognized for the innovative learning opportunities it provides students. Loyalist College’s development in Second Life helps meet students’ demand for a new value equation that is significantly affecting the learning culture. Students are engaged in the learning process as active participants, collaborating to ensure content is timely, relevant and memorable. The role of the institution shifts from purveyor of information to facilitator.

Ohio University’s has a Second Life Campus as well. This video outlines its concept.


Blu Ray, Green Media Computing, Dissecting Macbooks and Twitter Stories

Twitter Stories

Twitter has been up and down since I went to the Toronto Raptors game last night. It’s great to see that MSNBC had its highest ratings ever with Obama, Clinton debate last night. I understand that Twitter was expecting a huge amount of tweets last night relating to the debate and maybe that’s what caused the outage.

I’m finding Twitter not very handy in a pinch with the service going up and down but here are my stories. I tweeted that I was at the game and the message obviously got out. I realized this morning that Stuart MacDonald had replied as he was at the game as well. Turns out he and I had talked last Saturday night at the Toronto Podcamp 2008. Stuart is the CEO & Founder of, former Founder and CMO, and mesh Co-Founder.

When I walked down to Kipling Subway station to go into work today it was around 3:30 pm. I noticed a huge plume of smoke on the south side of the tracks. When I went by it on the train the smoke that looked more like steam was billowing in a huge cloud. The story at explains the fire and I gather that firefighters must have been dousing the roof when I went by. I immediately twittered noting the fire asking if anyone had information. My daughter responded by the time I surfaced and got telephone service at Old Mill and by the time I got to Yonge Station where I can pick up service Jason Theodor ( had Twittered me with the details on the fire. Sweet…

New Media Gallery Launched At Ryerson University

I attended the launch of the New Media Gallery in the Image Arts School at Ryerson University. Ryerson has a terrific program in New Media. The School goes way beyond mainstream New Media and offers a very interesting program in Physical Computing as it relates to media production and exhibition. I think the students and faculty in the program believe that their program is not well known and the event occurred because the space was the first dedicated space specific to the program and in a University that is so space starved that was a reason to celebrate. My impression of the program is that it is as well known as New Media programs get. Amongst the countless things that I could get into about the innovation in the school, it’s worth noting that Josh Raskin who was up for an Oscar last week for I Met The Walrus is an alumnus of the program

One last thought on the New Media program at Ryerson. I first heard about this Technology from Steve Daniels who is the Program Director of New Media at Ryerson. It allows plants to communicate with people. It’s really neat and its the kinds of technologies that the students might experiment with in the New Media program.

Corporate or Publicly Owned Internet

According to Comcast admits that it planted people in a room at an FCC hearing into its practices. Wow! Begs the question…. Can we really trust corporations when it comes to network neutrality?

InfoComm 08

I really enjoyed the last two InfoComm’s I attended. InfoComm 08 registration is now open and it’s in Vegas this year. Infocomm 08 is occurring in conjunction with NXTcomm08. It’s a network-enabled voice, video and data show. InfoComm 08 will feature a walking Las Vegas Digital Signage tour and a tour of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas that will include their state of the art the Casino Laboratory and the Casino Surveillance Lab.

SMPTE Toronto Meeting March 11, 2008

The full details of the SMPTE Toronto meeting that I’ve been working on is online at It’s titled Green Media Computing – From Data Centre Cooling Through Production Technology Virtualization. Should be fun.

Ubuntu… Mobile Edition

Ubuntu Mobile is something that I was not aware of.

NMC Launches Open Virtual Worlds Project

The New Media Consortium (NMC) announced a $250,000 two-year collaboration with Sun Microsystems to launch the Open Virtual Worlds Project. This effort is very welcome as the effort is aimed at making it easier to learn, work, and exchange ideas in virtual space. The project will develop a range of standards-based, portable open-source educational spaces, content, and objects, and use them to extend open source Project Darkstar and Project Wonderland virtual world platforms.

Random Thoughts

Zerofootprint Calculators

You’ll find a number of Zero Footprint Calculators at

I read an interesting article where one of the new Mac Books was dissected. You can read all about it at . It’s quite detailed and it has a handy little chart that outlines the hardware differences..

Adobe’s AIR

Adobe’s AIR platform allows developers to create web applications that run on desktops without a web browser.

Blu Ray

Blu Ray buyers guide


Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager. Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

Online Bible 

Ever need a biblical quote? AskSam has the King James Bible online at