The Ups and Downs of RSS Feeds and What I Did To Overcome them… (For Now) Pt. 2

Overcoming Twitters New RSS Access Restrictions

In doing my investigation of RSS authouring tools that I outlined in Part 1 of this blog I came accross an obsure posting at a site called Get Satisfaction. In reading the posts it turned out that Twitter RSS feeds were changed to require authentication. When my Yahoo Pipe went out to get the RSS feed from Twitter, it was rejected because my pipe, and as far as I know all Yahoo Pipe components, lack the ability to authenticate access to RSS feeds.

In further following the posts someone suggested that an internet service called Free My Feed — a free and simple service where you don’t even have to create an account– takes a Twitter RSS feed along with the account login information and produces a second authenticated RSS feed that can be read by Yahoo Pipes and pretty much any other RSS reader.

It only took me a few minutes but it turned out that the rss feed produced by Free My Feed could be cleanly read by Yahoo Pipes and I was back in business. I had to write a new pipe because of the restrictions that Twitter had added but in the end I have a system that is a lot easier to understand. Its documented on one of my Googe Sites.