Stanford exoskeleton walks out into the real world

Is Runway The Future Of Video Editing?

Runway recently posted a teaser video of its text-to-video AI-powered video editor. The editor can make and edit videos from written prompts. It can apply effects, remove objects, and create character masks. Runway runs on Google Chrome.

3D Printed Color Nipkow Display!

Autumn In New York

This is a video I put together following a visit to New York City in 2003.

ICON’s House Zero – 3D-printed Home Pushing Boundaries of Sustainable Architecture & Design

Microsoft Windows 95 Launch with Bill Gates & Jay Leno (1995)

This Video About The Scale Of Black Holes Will Crush Your Poor, Tiny Brain

A Decade of Sun

Herb Deutsch provides insight into the history of the MOOG synthesizer.

The Invention of Television (1929)